Searching for the best fake flowers that look real? Today I’m sharing my favorite realistic fake flowers for your home decor, plus where to buy artificial flowers online. There are so many kinds of faux flowers to choose from: cherry blossoms, peonies, tulips, roses, and more! Keep reading for the best place to buy artificial flowers, vases and vessels for styling, and ideas for making fake flowers look like the real thing.

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Where to Buy Realistic Artificial Flowers

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There are many places to order fake flowers online. Rather than give an exhaustive list, I wanted to share my personal favorite online shops that I come back to again and again. I will also include my honest review of each seller’s artificial flowers!

Afloral: High Quality Faux Flowers

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Afloral is my go-to online shop for fake flowers that look real. Full disclosure: I have worked with them in the past, but this post is not sponsored.

I have been impressed with Afloral’s selection each season, and with the high quality of their artificial flowers. In addition, I love that they are a female-owned small business that is committed to sustainability! Check out their blog for floral design inspiration.

plum cimicifuga ramosa leaf branches, purple foliage

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My personal favorites from Afloral are their artificial cherry blossom flowers and plum cimicifuga foliage. (I know the leaves aren’t flowers, but they are so gorgeous!)

Here are some more realistic fake flowers from Afloral:

Amazon: Realistic Fake Flowers for Every Budget

where to buy realistic fake flowers, best faux florals, best place to buy artificial flowers, dusty mauve artificial roses from Amazon

Next, my favorite place to shop for fake flowers that look real is Amazon. In particular, I have found fake roses and peonies that are both high quality and affordable.

fake peonies that look real, artificial peonies from Amazon, fake peony bush

Shop more realistic looking flowers from Amazon:

Michaels: Inexpensive Fake Flowers for the Seasons

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Thirdly, some of my favorite seasonal fake flowers are from Michaels. Their florals are inexpensive and beautiful. The only downside is that their selection changes frequently, and popular flowers often go out of stock online.

dining room with black dining chairs, vintage tree artwork, and realistic artificial flowers in a smoked glass vase

In order to snag the best realistic artificial flowers from Michaels, browse their website early each season. (That means that you can find the best fall florals at the end of July, about two months before the season starts!)

realistic artificial flowers fake berries from michaels, cozy bedroom decor

Some of my favorite fake flowers from Michaels:

Pottery Barn: More High Quality Fake Flowers

Another great option for high quality artificial flowers is Pottery Barn. In addition to stems and bouquets, they also offer flower arrangements that are already styled in vases. Pottery Barn’s collection is a bit smaller, but their fake hydrangeas and peonies are worth checking out.

Here are some options to consider:

The Best Fake Flowers that Look Real

afloral faux cherry blossom stem in white, gray stone vase, black round dining table with cream modern dining chairs

Next, I wanted to share roundups of popular fake flowers that look real. These are from various online shops, mostly the ones I mentioned above. Then, keep reading below for the best vases and vessels, as well as styling tips!

Fake Cherry Blossom Flowers

Realistic Fake Roses

Artificial Peonies that Look Real

Best Fake Tulips

Realistic Artificial Lilies

Realistic Fake Flowers With a Vase

Faux Flower Bouquets

Vases and Vessels for Realistic Fake Flowers

artificial mauve roses, white oak console table with drawers, green velvet ottoman, threshold with studio mcgee, classic entryway decor

Looking for a vase, vessel, or planter for fake flowers? Here are some of my favorites that will dress up your floral arrangement!

Glass Vases

Ceramic Vases

Terracotta and Stone Vases

Unique Vessels

How to Make Artificial Flowers Look Real and High End

Finally, here are some tips and tricks to help you style artificial flowers like an interior designer!

1. Trim Flower Stems with Wire Cutters

where to buy realistic fake flowers, best faux florals, best place to buy artificial flowers, trim realistic artificial flower stems with flower wire cutters

While there may be times that you do not need to cut faux flower stems, generally you will want to do so. This is especially important if you are styling your artificial flowers in a glass vase where the stems are visible.

First, hold your stems up to the vase. Generally, the stems should be twice as tall as the vase, but you may choose to go shorter or longer for a different look.

Next, use floral wire cutters to trim the stems to the appropriate length. It is better to start with a longer length if you are not sure–you can always trim them again!

(If you are able to bend and hide the long stems of fake flowers in an opaque vase, you may not need to trim them. This will allow you to restyle them in another vessel later.)

2. Arrange with a Floral Frog or Clear Tape

make your artificial flower arrangement look full by using a round flower hairpin floral frog

Secondly, it is helpful to use a hairpin flower frog (similar) to hold the stems in place. A floral frog is a metal or plastic disk with spikes or loops that help maintain the structure of your artificial flower arrangement. This is how I created the rose arrangement in the gold compote shown above.

Alternatively, you can use clear tape to create a grid pattern at the opening of a vase or planter. Then, insert the flower stems in between the grid lines to keep them standing upright.

3. Bend Stems and Branches for a Realistic Look

where to buy realistic fake flowers, best faux florals, best place to buy artificial flowers, realistic fake roses

After you have cut your stems to the desired length and styled them in a vase, you will want to bend the stems to make them look real.

If you observe flowers in nature, they are never perfectly straight. Thus, bending the stems of artificial flowers is an important step for achieving a realistic look.

I like to bend the stems around the outside of the arrangement downward so that the flowers drape over the side of the vase. You want the overall look to be balanced, but not too perfect!

4. Make a Statement with Fake Flowers

Where to buy realistic artificial flowers, the best fake flowers, budget friendly silk floral for home decor and wedding, fake peonies, fake tulips, fake roses

Finally, I wanted to circle back to the concept of scale, which is an important basic of interior design that helps create a high end look.

Always consider the size of the space when shopping for artificial flowers. Opt for tall blooms or branches to add height to an entryway, sideboard, or open concept living room. Alternatively, style a small vase of floral stems on a nightstand or desk as an accent.

Matching your flower arrangement to the size of your space will help create a balanced and elegant look!

The Best Fake Flowers: Conclusion

realistic artificial roses, floral wire cutters, hairpin floral frog for arranging fake flowers

In conclusion, I hope you found this post helpful if you are wondering where to buy realistic fake flowers! There are so many pretty faux florals to choose from, and knowing the right tips and tricks for styling can make all the difference.

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