Looking for block print pillows to elevate your space? Traditional patterns are popular in the design world right now, and they aren’t going anywhere. So, today I have two roundups of floral throw pillows to share! First, the best vintage floral pillow covers from Etsy shops, which I love to support when I can! Secondly, budget friendly floral pillows from other stores. I hope you find this post helpful if you want to add a vintage vibe to your home.

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Vintage Floral Pillow Covers from Etsy

To begin, here are floral pillows from Etsy shops. If you are also looking for solid or striped pillows, check out my guide to pillow combinations.

best vintage floral pillow covers from etsy small shops, block print pillows roundup
  1. Blue and Beige Floral
  2. Terracotta Block Print
  3. Moss Green Block Print
  4. Designer Floral Grey Linen
  5. Subtle Vintage Floral
  6. Beige Floral Botanical
  7. Blue and Green Flower
  8. Tan Beige Floral Design
  9. Burgundy Block Print
  10. Earth Tone Floral
  11. Tan Mustard Floral
  12. Gray Flower Block Print

It’s so hard to choose, but I think 2 and 9 are my favorite floral pillow covers. What about you?

Designer Tip: Most of the pillows on Etsy include just the pillow cover, so be sure to order inserts as well! Order the same size insert for a casual look, or one size up for an extra fluffy pillow. These are my favorite down pillow inserts.

Affordable Floral Pillow Finds

While I love investing in throw pillow covers from Etsy, sometimes you need a budget friendly pillow that still looks high end. Here are the best floral pillows from Amazon, Target, and Walmart!

best floral pillow covers that are budget friendly from amazon, target, and walmart, block print pillows roundup
  1. Blue Block Print
  2. Ivory Embroidered Flowers
  3. Tan Toile
  4. Blue Damask
  5. Cream Flower Jacquard
  6. Beige Block Print
  7. Blue Floral Jacobean
  8. Green Flowers
  9. Pink Flower Block Print
  10. Black Floral Pattern
  11. Sage Green Jacquard
  12. Green Floral Reversible

So many cute and affordable options! I cannot get over this embroidered pillow cover which is a great designer dupe.

How to Style Floral Block Print Pillows

Now that I’ve shared my favorite vintage floral pillow covers, here are some tips for styling them! My exact pillows are no longer available, but I will link similar options.

bedroom with block print vintage floral pillow covers

One option is to layer block print pillows on your bed. In our bedroom shown above, I let the floral pattern stand alone styled in front of natural linen euro shams.

Other Sources: Shop Our Primary Bedroom

cozy bed with floral pillows

Secondly, in our guest room I combined terracotta floral pillow covers with brown and a blue striped lumbar.

Other Sources: Shop Our Guest Room

vintage floral pillow covers, block print pillows, designer pillow

Finally, I love styling block print pillows in our living room as well! Here I arranged a solid blue pillow, a striped mauve pillow, and a blue floral pillow together in a grouping at one end of our sectional.

Other Sources: Shop Our Living Room

50+ Vintage Floral Pillow Covers

Shop even more options below! In addition, hover over the product image to see the price. For custom pillow covers from Etsy, you can choose a size on the product page.

Designer Tip: Some of these floral pillows come with inserts. If the pillow cover has a zipper, you can swap out the polyester insert for a fluffy down insert to elevate the look! If this is important to you, check the product listing to see if the pillow is sewn seam or zippered.

What Is the History of Block Print Pillows?

Block printing is a traditional technique used for printing patterns on textiles using wooden blocks. This type of throw pillow features repeating patterns or florals. If you would like to learn more about vintage floral pillow covers in interior design, check out this article!

Floral Pillow Combinations

Want to learn how to mix and match floral throw pillows with other patterns, stripes, and solids? Check out my post about throw pillow combinations for tips!

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