Welcome friends! Do you have a space in your home that only requires a minor update, but you just haven’t devoted the time to it? For me, it was our thermostat wall. I actually had a few frames (and random nails) placed here but weeks turned into months and honestly, I stopped seeing it. A few days ago I finally decided, enough is enough. I grabbed a few more frames and art prints I already had and finished this little project at last–and I LOVE it! I can’t believe what a difference this little vintage art gallery made. If you are trying to figure out how to decorate around a thermostat in your home, I hope you find this post inspiring. Especially if you have ignored it for years like I did 😉 I’ll be sharing tips for selecting and hanging art, as well as some wall art finds. Let’s get started!

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How to Decorate Around a Thermostat: The Before

You probably saw the photo already, but here is the “reveal”! I seriously cannot stop looking at it!

We’ve been happy with our Nest thermostat (this is the newer version). In addition to the functionality, I like that it is neutral and minimal. However, in the center of a blank wall it really stood out and detracted from the view into our kitchen. For this small wall next to our basement door, three frames fill out the space nicely for an uncluttered and balanced look. Here are the pieces I used:

I considered spray painting the switch plate and vent cover, but realized I would have to commit to doing all of them (at least downstairs) and wasn’t quite ready for that. For the photo, I put one of my lidded woven baskets (similar) in front of the vent, which would be a great solution if this space wasn’t right next to a door we access often. But the gallery wall is the real star of the show–I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Tips for How to Decorate Around a Thermostat

How to Decorate Around a Thermostat - vintage landscape printable art, antique oil painting botanical hydrangea, mixed frame gallery wall, lidded woven basket, La Jolla basket, greige interior door

If you have a similar thermostat wall situation and are trying to decide how to decorate around it, here are a few tips:

  1. Decide how much wall space you need to cover. If your thermostat is in the center of a large wall (perhaps in a living room or hallway) you may want to consider a larger gallery wall. Use painters tape to experiment and mark out the space you would like to cover.
  2. Generally, use larger frames than you think you need. One of the mistakes I see with gallery walls is using frames that are too small. Mix in some larger frames, especially if you are working with a wide space. The frames will be a bit more expensive, but the impact will be worth it and you will not need as many!
  3. For a vintage art gallery, the pieces should work together without feeling matchy. These landscapes have similar tones, but different styles. The hydrangea painting also has similar tones, but provides contrast with the background and subject.
  4. The arrangement should be balanced, not perfect. I had a challenge with the light switches being so close to the thermostat. Still, the final result feels balanced since the frames are evenly spaced from one another (apart from where the thermostat is) and the collection as a unit is centered on the wall. Also, the largest frame is balanced by the two smaller frames. In my experience, hanging artwork includes some trial and error. Lay out frames on the floor until it looks right to you!
  5. Check out my Gallery Wall Pinterest board for inspiration. I love pinning gallery walls and it is helpful to see examples while planning your own.

Here are some roundups if you are on the hunt for frames or artwork:

Picture Frames

Printable Artwork

Wall Art (Ready to Hang)

Wall Art Hanging Supplies

How to Decorate Around a Thermostat Pinterest image | vintage art gallery wall, antique landscape, oil painting, modern traditional decor, simple budget friendly

Have you found another way to decorate around a thermostat? This space felt challenging to me but I’m glad I finally went for it. Let me know if you have any questions below! XO,

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