Happy Wednesday friends! It’s week two of the One Room Challenge, and I’m excited to share the progress I have made so far. One of the nice things about making over a bedroom is that there aren’t usually major renovations involved. The biggest DIY project on my list was to paint the walls! At the same time, painting was no small feat considering the size of this room, and all of the planning that went into choosing the best white paint for a bedroom. I chose a neutral and cozy white paint color that looks good in the daytime or evening, and it even covers in one coat!

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The Best White Paint for a Bedroom

One Room Challenge Week 1 | Before photos, bedroom makeover

Until about a year ago, I had never painted a room. My sweet mom came to visit, shared all of her tips, and helped me paint my bathrooms. Since then, I’ve been slowly painting all of the walls in our home. Personally, I love the clean and simple look of white walls. They are the perfect blank canvas for any space!

The Best White Paint for Bedrooms | choosing white paint colors, warm undertones

Anyone will tell you that selecting a paint color depends largely on your room. The lighting, the size of the space, the direction the room faces… there are so many factors! Nevertheless, I think I’ve discovered a pretty great white for bedrooms. I have used Cameo White from Behr’s Marquee line in two bedrooms on opposite sides of our home, and I love it! It is a creamy white with (very subtle) red undertones that feels cozy in low lighting, but still looks bright and fresh in daylight.

The Best White Paint for Bedrooms | choosing white paint colors, warm undertones

The best thing about this paint is that it covers in just one coat! That makes a big difference when you have a large room to tackle. Personally I like painting–I listen to audiobooks (often Harry Potter! Any other Hufflepuffs out there?) or simply enjoy the quiet after my kiddos go to sleep. Still, I would rather just do one coat, so the Marquee line is my favorite.

Other Bedroom Makeover Plans

The Best White Paint for Bedrooms | choosing white paint colors, warm undertones

Apart from our freshly painted white walls, the only other change you see here are the curtains. I removed the cheap roller shades we had on the windows and hung these linen look curtains with my favorite IKEA rods. I still need to get finials for the window on the right!

Here’s an updated version of my checklist from last week:

  • Paint walls Cameo White by Behr
  • Hang curtains
  • Sell old decor pieces
  • Place rug under bed
  • Install headboard
  • Replace nightstands
  • Install sconces
  • Select artwork, bench, and decor accents
  • Style the space!

Thanks for stopping by today for my quick One Room Challenge week two update, friends! Next week will be a bit more exciting as I will have some decor and furniture pieces to share, so stay tuned.

I would love to see your week two progress, so leave me a quick comment below!

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    1. Did you paint ceiling same white?

      1. Hi Tricia! I did not paint the ceiling, it is still the color from our builder. You could definitely paint the ceiling the same but I would use flat paint instead of eggshell!

  1. I love this shade of white! And the curtains look beautiful! 🙂

    1. I’m painting my room this color because of your article and photos. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ve been so lost on what white paint looks good in day light and lamp light and this is exactly what I wanted. I got the eggshell finish and I’m doing the base boards and my plantation shutters pure white to contrast. You saved me so many paint swatch trips haha.

  2. Beautiful choice of paint color! Soft, warm, and just perfect white. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! 🙂

  3. Do you recall which color you got in the curtains? Are these the Sour Cream color? I’m getting these for our master bedroom update and am just not sure about the colors. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shannon! Yes these are sour cream!

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