Hello again friends! It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down. In fact, the kids in our city are back to school today! But we do have another month of summer officially, so I’m trying not to break out the pumpkins yet. Today I thought I would share cottage farmhouse decor ideas for an entryway console table. Neutral textures like wood, canvas, linen, stripes, books and greenery are perfect for the summer months.

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Cottage Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway, ana white rustic x console table

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I began daydreaming about our entryway while we were still in the process of building our home last year. We have an open concept floor plan downstairs, but I still wanted the entryway to feel defined and welcoming. I have been experimenting with styling for months, and I’m always tweaking things. I love this warm, airy feel for summer!

Rustic X Console Table

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway, ana white rustic x console table

The structure for the space is this gorgeous table that a friend built for us, based on the Ana White Rustic X Console Table design. I asked him to omit the center shelf and change the direction of the planks on the bottom. I love the way it turned out, and it’s so special to have a piece built by a friend!

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Cottage Farmhouse Decor Vignettes

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway, book bundles and greenery

When I was first decorating the table, I placed decorative accents all over the top without much thought. While they were all pretty things, it ended up feeling disjointed and messy! After a while I realized that creating smaller vignettes gave a more polished look. In this corner, I have a small lamp from Walmart, a metal monogram letter, and my DIY book bundles.

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway

On the other side of the table, I placed a weathered tray from Hobby Lobby’s spring shop. Then, some blue glass apothecary bottles and a large gray IKEA vase with assorted greenery and white blooms. I love the contrast of the textures: wood, metal, glass, and florals.

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Baskets, Throws, and Books

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway, ana white rustic x console table, greenery, metal basket, letterboard

I warmed up the bottom shelf of the console table with more neutral textures, such as this metal basket and cream blanket from Target, and a gold foil pillow cover from West Elm that I have had for a few years. The metal basket was actually a birthday present from my hubby; it might sound like a strange gift, but I really wanted it 😉

striped basket
distressed candlesticks and stacked old books

On the other side, I styled a fabric bin and faux leather pillow (also from Target). Next, some metal candle holders that I painted with chalk paint, and finally, yes, more books. I was an English major and adore this quote by Jorge Luis Borges: I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

Cottage Farmhouse Artwork

cottage farmhouse decor ideas for a summer entryway, ana white rustic x console table, framed botanical art, letterboard with quote

For the center of the table, I layered two watercolor botanical prints with a felt letter board. Bug and I enjoy changing the quote every few weeks!

The final piece in our entryway is this wooden calligraphy sign that I painted. I used pine board from Home Depot (they will cut it for you), sanded it, painted it with chalk paint, and then lettered the Bible verse by hand with a paint pen. Calligraphy is a hobby I’ve been practicing for about a year and a half! I love how it combines my loves of creating and words.

And that is our cottage farmhouse decor for summer. I’m already dreaming up ideas for autumn decor, but will restrain myself for now! What are your favorite entryway decor pieces? Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends.

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  1. Your entry is lovely. I agree. Smaller grouping lools much tidier. It’s fun to change it around too.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! You are right, I love being able to move things around, especially for different seasons 🙂

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