Take your patio from basic to beautiful with these simple patio decorating ideas! I’m also sharing my patio decor favorites from Safavieh.

Simple Patio Decorating Ideas | beige umbrella with scalloped edge, blue outdoor rug, pillows

Welcome friends! I don’t know about you, but with summer around the corner I have felt inspired to get our patio into shape for the season. Our home is a new build and we had a basic concrete patio poured a few years ago, but never spent much time decorating it apart from adding a dining set. That changed last weekend, when I was finally able to style this space up and get it ready for outdoor entertaining and relaxing! I’m excited to be partnering with Safavieh to share simple patio decorating ideas and some of my favorite outdoor staples and accessories from their collections. Let’s get started!

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Basic Patio Before

patio before photo

Let’s start out with a before photo! Like I mentioned, our patio was very basic with a metal dining table and chairs. We did have cushions for the seats that are not pictured here, and previously had an umbrella that unfortunately broke with all of the wind we get in our backyard. I was excited to add some practical and decorative elements to get this space prepped for summertime!

Patio After: Styled and Ready for Summer

Simple Patio Decorating Ideas | beige umbrella with scalloped edge, blue outdoor rug, pillows
Simple Patio Decorating Ideas | beige umbrella with scalloped edge, blue outdoor rug, olive tree, pillows
blue outdoor rug, black metal chair, lumbar pillow with tassels
patio table with pillows and two planters with trees

I’m so pleased with this “after”! My goal was to create an inviting and functional space, and I think we succeeded, since we have already put it to the test with family visiting last weekend! We have enjoyed several meals out here and it is fun to see how a few small changes made such a difference. Here is a list of all of the products I used, and then I will talk through each item along with my patio decorating tips!

Products Used:

Simple Patio Decorating Ideas

1. OutDoor Rug

gray scalloped planter with fiddle leaf fig, blue indoor outdoor rug

One of the main items I was excited to add to our patio: an outdoor area rug. A rug grounds a space, makes it feel more intentional, and provides a comfy spot for an easy transition from indoors. Our kitchen is right inside the sliding doors, and since my kiddos like to come in and out (perhaps a little too frequently!) it is nice to have the rug for their little feet. This rug from Safavieh’s Courtyard Collection is made of polypropylene, polyester, and latex to stand up against the elements, and I love the navy for a coastal look.

2. Planters

large black planter with olive tree, small gray scalloped planter with fiddle leaf fig

Next up, planters! Since our home was a new build, we do not have many plants or trees apart from a bit of landscaping around the sides of our patio. Planters are a wonderful way to add greenery (or flowers) in this situation! I chose Safavieh’s Alia and Kaston planters. The Alia makes a statement with its large size and modern look, and I love the Kaston’s scalloped sides. Since things are still warming up in Ohio, I styled a few of my artificial plants for these photos, but am looking forward to adding live plants! Tip: For large planters, you can use heavy filler (rocks, etc) or lightweight filler (foam/plastic containers, packing materials, etc) at the bottom to take up space.

3. Umbrella

Simple Patio Decorating Ideas | beige umbrella with scalloped edge, blue outdoor rug, pillows

Our patio receives direct afternoon sun and can be very hot in the summer, so an umbrella is a necessity. I chose Safavieh’s Elegant Valance umbrella in beige for a subtle contrast against our gray siding. The petal trim is so pretty and the size (6.5 x 10 ft) is perfect to cover a rectangular table. It also tilts!

4. Decorative Pillows

beige and white decorative pillows

Finally, pillows! We already had the white cushions that came with our dining set, so I chose a selection of white and beige pillows for a neutral, subtly boho look. The Florini, Grema, and Mari pillows each add texture to our patio space and are great for layering and lounging. When selecting pillows, try choosing a pattern, a solid, and a textured pillow for an easy combination. Note: Because our backyard is so exposed to the elements, we bring seat cushions and pillows indoors when not in use, so I went ahead and chose “indoor” pillows for this space.

Are you working on your outdoor spaces for summer? Ours has been a process, but it is fun to see it come together a little more each year. I hope you found these patio decorating tips and finds helpful! Leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram in you try one. XO,

Caitlin | caitlinmariedesign.com

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