It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge! This week I will be sharing tips for pretty toy storage with a budget friendly cube organizer. Our dining room doubles as a playroom, so it is important to me that it is both beautiful and functional. I refreshed our cube toy storage about a month ago and shared a bit on Instagram, but never got around to a blog post. This space is not finished yet, but I wanted to share toy organization ideas and my favorite cube shelves and bins to corral the toys in your home.

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By the way, if you are a new here, a very warm welcome to you! For last fall’s One Room Challenge I did a cozy boho bedroom makeover, and this spring I am tackling our dining room.

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Cube Toy Storage Before

cube organizer before

Here is shot of our toy storage up until about a month ago. I had just purchased the wall baskets, which is why they have tags on them! They were a seasonal Hobby Lobby find, but these wall baskets are similar.

This layout was functional for a while. My one-year-old daughter could grab toys easily! But the colorful plastic toys stressed me out, and the dining room felt messy. Additionally, the beige bins were too close in color to the shelves. I wanted a cleaner, simplified look.

Pretty Cube Toy Storage Update

I made a few simple, budget-friendly updates, and now I love this wall of our dining room!

1. White Cube Bins for Toys

First I added these white storage bins from Walmart in place of the old beige ones. The contrasting color is much better for the cube shelf, and I like the modern look.

aesthetic pretty cube toy storage organizer, toy organization, playroom decor, coastal home, wall baskets, minimalist decor, California casual

2. Rustic Wood Cube Storage

Here is our affordable cube organizer, also from Walmart. This color is discontinued, but “natural” or “rustic gray” are similar. I am also linking more shelf options below!

cube toy storage, cube organizer, toy organization, playroom decor, coastal dining room sideboard, wall baskets, minimalist decor, California casual

3. Cube Toy Storage Decor

Finally, I shopped my home for a tall white vase, faux olive branches, black iron candle holders, a small plant, and seagrass boxes. Linking similar options here:

pretty cube toy storage organizer, toy organization, playroom decor, coastal home, wall baskets

I’m still working on this space, but it is a huge improvement! I think this is a great example of how moving things around in your home can make things feel fresh and new.

Tips for Pretty Toy Storage

beautiful aesthetic cube toy storage organizer, toy organization, playroom decor, coastal home, wall baskets, minimalist decor, California casual

Here are a few tips to keep your cube toy storage pretty and organized:

  1. Go through toys frequently. Either donate unused toys or rotate some into storage. I like to include my four-year-old son in this process. He helps me choose which toys to keep and which to donate! This may not always work, but it has been a good way for us to talk about sharing what we have.
  2. Use large, opaque bins to corral toys by category. Each bin has a theme, and we try to stick to that so we can finds things. For example: balls, vehicles, Little People, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc. Everything has a place.
  3. Keep storage simple and functional. I love cube organizer shelves because they are budget-friendly and easy for kids to use. They can even bring the bin with them into another room to play.
  4. Style the shelf with decor that you love. Candlesticks are perfect for a dining room, and a vase is always pretty. You can also try stacked books, decorative objects, a bowl for small items, or a lamp. I recommend anchoring the design with a few large items so it doesn’t feel cluttered.
  5. Make it a habit to clean up at specific times throughout the day. When possible, we try to clean up before lunch, outdoor time, dinner, and bedtime. Basically, whenever we are making a transition, we pick up. It helps so much at the end of the day!

Favorite Toy Shelves and Bins

In case you are also working on a toy storage refresh, here are some pretty options I found while researching ours:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the width and height of your cube shelves and bins when ordering to make sure they are compatible. Some cube organizers have 11 inch cubes, while others have 13 inch cubes.

Cube Storage Organizers

Other Toy Shelves

Cube Bins

Other Baskets

cube organizer, toy organization, playroom decor, coastal home, wall baskets, minimalist decor, California casual

Getting this space organized and prettied up was a good first step for our One Room Challenge makeover. In the comments below, tell me: what is your favorite toy organizing tip?

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  1. I love your toy storage! I can’t wait to see how you transform this space.

  2. This is so pretty! I love that this space has so many functions. Looking forward to following along!

  3. I love these tips! Toys are a huge issue at our house…and if storage is pretty I am a happy mama! Thanks!

  4. This toy refresh turned out amazing! Love all the clean, white touches especially those woven baskets!

  5. I love how making a few small changes can make the space look so polished. Beautiful photos!

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