If you need an easy guide to throw pillow combinations and how to arrange decorative pillows in 2023, welcome! Pillows add coziness to any room are an affordable way to refresh your space. They are also my favorite home decor item to collect. You too? Whether it be a floral pattern, cozy texture, or classic stripe, pillows seem to make the design world go round.

In this post you will find the best throw pillows for any budget and style–just scroll down to browse save and splurge pillow groupings to match your decor! We will cover modern cottage, coastal, and neutral throw pillow combinations, just to name a few. Then, keep reading for styling tips, inspiration photos, and the best places to buy throw pillows. Let’s get started!

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The Best Throw Pillow Combinations for 2023 (Save and Splurge)

First up, throw pillow combinations! Each decor style has a budget and investment grouping, so you can decide if you would rather save or splurge. Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post for even more pillow finds!

1. Modern Cottage Pillow Combinations

modern cottage throw pillow combinations, beige plaid pillow, mauve pillow cover, floral

Splurge pillows: checkerboard / mauve / gray silk / floral / ticking stripe

Budget pillows: gray / check / floral / dark green / ivory floral / beige

2. Moody Texture Pillow Combinations

moody throw pillow combinations for a cozy look, green throw pillow covers

Splurge pillows: green stripe / floral / beige silk / silk tassel / olive

Budget pillows: woven texture / brown / lumbar / olive / stripe

3. Feminine Floral Pillow Combinations

floral and feminine pillow combination ideas for bedroom or living room decor

Splurge pillows: stripe / brown floral / stripe / plaid / cream floral / burgundy floral

Budget pillows: stripe / cream floral / beige / coral / daisies / reddish brown

4. Coastal Classic Pillow Combinations

coastal pillow combinations for your bedroom or living room! Serena and Lily pillows, blue floral, plaid, tassels

Splurge pillows: beige pattern / blue tassel / stripe / lumbar / beige tassel / blue floral

Budget pillows: blue floral / stripe / tassel / white / beige pattern / blue

5. Earthy Neutral Pillow Combinations

earthy throw pillows to warm up your home, grainsack pillow cover, neutral patterned pillow

Splurge pillows: tassel silk / bronze / lumbar / gray stripe / beige stripe

Budget pillows: stripe / woven texture / floral / lumbar / cream / brown

6. Modern Minimalist Pillow Combinations

modern minimalist pillow combinations, throw pillows from Etsy, Target, Walmart

Splurge pillows: hemp stripe / plaid / dark brown / beige silk / lumbar

Budget pillows: dark brown / boucle / woven stripe / gray / fringe

The Best Budget Friendly Throw Pillow Inserts

linen pillow cover, topanga pillow, coastal artwork, upholstered headboard, pillows layered on bed, how to arrange pillows on a bed

Sources: Shop Our Guest Room

If possible, I always recommend using down inserts because they make your pillows fluffy and “choppable.” These 20″ inserts from H&M are my favorite budget friendly option. I also love the feather down inserts from West Elm for all different sizes.

How to Arrange Pillows on a Sectional, Couch, or Bed

If you would like to see photos of throw pillow combinations, here are some examples from our home. I have linked our exact pillow covers when possible, otherwise I have linked similar options. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

Throw Pillow Combinations for a Sectional

pillows on sectional, how to arrange pillows like a designer, sectional pillow combination with mauve throw pillow, floral pillow, and solid blue pillow, arrange pillows on couch
Throw Pillow Combinations for Every Budget | pillows on sectional, living room pillow combos, mauve pillow, round wood coffee table, plaid pillow, modern traditional living room, how to arrange pillows like a pro

Sources: Shop Our Living Room

Want to learn how to arrange pillows on a sectional? We had a sectional in our living room for many years, and I always enjoyed swapping out the pillow covers for the seasons.

Here are my tips for pillow combinations on a sectional:

  1. Place larger pillows at the back. I used 24″ pillows at each end and in the center of my sectional. This helps fill out the space and provides a foundation.
  2. Layer smaller pillows in front. The rest of my pillows are 20″, but anywhere from 18″ to 22″ works. You can also place lumbar pillows at the front.
  3. Include a few solid colored pillows. This gives your eyes a place to rest so the design isn’t too busy. In the photo above, I used a tasseled linen pillow on the left and a subtle plaid on the right.
  4. Feel free to mix stripes and patterns! The key is to keep things balanced. Notice how the stripes on the mauve and green pillows are oriented in opposite directions. On the left, I balanced a textured stripe pillow with a floral print.

Throw Pillow Combinations for a Couch

fall throw pillow combinations, how to arrange pillows like a designer, living room fall throw pillows, how to arrange pillows on a couch, pillows on couch, pillows on accent chair

Sources: Shop Our Living Room

Last year we swapped our sectional for a white sofa and accent chairs, and it has been fun to play around with pillow combos with a new layout.

Most of the tips for styling pillows on a sectional also apply to a couch, so be sure to read those above! A few more ideas for how to arrange pillows on a couch:

  1. Pillow groupings can be symmetrical or unique. In the photos of our sectional, I used all different pillows. For our sofa, I decided to try symmetrical pillows for a more traditional look.
  2. It’s okay to keep it simple. Since we also have four accent chairs and a patterned rug in our living room, I kept our sofa pillows pretty basic with one solid and one stripe per side.
  3. Choose a color palette for the room. Especially when dealing with multiple pieces of furniture, it is best to choose a color palette of three or four colors (including neutrals) to help the space feel cohesive.

Throw Pillows for Accent Chairs

pillows on accent chair, living room with linen slipcovered accent chairs, white sofa, round wood coffee table, beige peonies, and beige pinch pleat drapes

Sources: Shop Our Living Room

Now that we have two sets of accent chairs in our living room, I like to think of the entire space when deciding which pillows to use. Unless you have very large accent chairs, you will typically only use one pillow per chair.

In both examples above, I made our slipcovered chairs feel extra cozy with matching patterned pillows! Another option would be to use matching lumbar pillows.

Throw Pillow Combinations for a Bed

Here are some inspiration photos from our guest room (queen bed with cream headboard) and primary bedroom (king bed with charcoal headboard) that show how to arrange pillows on a bed. I will share tips below!

pillows on bed, throw pillow combinations, cozy fall bedroom decor, layered bedding for fall
decorative pillows on bed, how to arrange pillows like a pro, throw pillow combinations for bed, bedroom pillow combos, cozy bedding, layered bedding

Sources: Shop Our Guest Room

decorative pillows on bed, how to arrange pillows like a designer, close up layered bedding and throw pillows, coastal farmhouse style
bedroom throw pillows, neutral cozy bedroom decor, how to arrange pillows on a bed, layered decorative pillows on bed

Sources: Shop Our Primary Bedroom

I love styling cozy bedrooms, and layered pillows play a big role in the design. Here are a few ideas for throw pillow combinations on a bed:

  1. Again, place larger pillows at the back. Begin with euro (26″) or 24″ pillows for your foundation. Generally you will use two for a queen bed and three for a king bed.
  2. Layer smaller pillows in the front. Try two 20″ pillows with a lumbar at the front. You could also group two to three different pillows at the front for a more casual look!
  3. Decide whether you prefer a bold or neutral look. In our guest room I included deeper tones for an earthy color palette. In our primary bedroom I like to keep things light and neutral to balance our charcoal headboard.
  4. Don’t forget texture! Include pillows with texture to add to the coziness of the space.

Pillow Combinations for a Kids’ Room

girls room throw pillows on bed, how to arrange pillows like a pro, block print quilt, dusty rose bedding, pink gauze throw blanket, mauve throw pillows
boys room throw pillows on bed

Finally, I wanted to include inspiration for throw pillows in a kids’ bedroom! For my daughter’s room I chose traditional floral pillows. My son’s room is more modern, so I used three different pillows and included a fun pop of color!

How to Style Throw Pillow Combinations

How do you group throw pillows together?

For a couch or sectional, try creating groupings of three pillows each. Put one grouping at each end of a couch. For a sectional, put another grouping in the corner. Choose a color palette. Then, mix and match solid colors and patterns.

How do you mix and match pillow patterns?

I like to choose a color palette and then follow the formula solid + stripe + floral. If you do not like florals, try a geometric pattern or textured pillow. Mixing small and large patterns will prevent the patterns from competing. Think of one pattern as the star of the show, and the others as supporting actors.

How do you make throw pillows look good?

The key to making your throw pillows look fluffy and getting that “karate chop” designer look is to use feather down pillow inserts. They do not need to be expensive! I like these for 20″ pillow covers and these for all different sizes. For extra fluffy pillows, size up when ordering inserts.

How many throw pillows should be on a couch?

This will depend on the look you are trying to achieve. Try symmetrical pillows (one or two per side of the couch) for a more traditional look. Try a variety of different pillows (up to three per side, with the largest in the back) for a more cozy and lived in look.

How many pillows should be on a sectional?

For a sectional, I like to style three groupings: one on each end, and one in the corner of the sectional. Try six pillows total for a small sectional, and nine pillows total for a large sectional.

How many pillows should be on a full or queen bed?

Three or five pillows work for a queen bed. Try styling two large decorative pillows (24″ or 26″) at the back. Finish the look one of two ways: with one smaller pillow in the front (20″ or 22″) OR with two smaller pillows and a lumbar at the front.

How many pillows should be on a king bed?

Five or six pillows work for a king bed. Typically it is best to start with three large decorative pillows (24″ or 26″) at the back. Finish the look with either two smaller pillows (20″ or 22″) OR with two smaller pillows and a long lumbar.

Where to Buy the Best Throw Pillows in 2023

Here are some of my favorite pillow sources! I am sharing larger stores as well as small shops. My strategy is to combine budget finds with investment pieces that really elevate the design.

Target Throw Pillows

On trend budget friendly pillows in a variety of styles. Many are sewn seam, but the Threshold with Studio McGee pillows have zippers so that you can use down inserts if desired. Check out the Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow collection for cozy boho style.

Walmart Throw Pillows

Super affordable pillows, I especially like the My Texas House line. Similar to Target, some are sewn seam, but some have zippers. This is something I always check in the product description when browsing!

Amazon Throw Pillows

Amazon has upped their pillow game in the last few years! There are so many options that it is a little overwhelming, but I like to narrow things down by searching for “cotton” or “linen” to find higher quality items that are still at a great price point. Here are my favorites!

H&M Throw Pillows

Perhaps the most affordable pillow covers around, especially since most are made of cotton or linen! These are covers only and you purchase inserts separately. H&M is my go to store for solid or striped pillows and boho options. The only downside is that their collection changes frequently, so if you see something you like, don’t wait!

Serena & Lily Throw Pillows

Classic and coastal pillows with beautiful patterns, embroidery, and quality textiles. These pieces are an investment and add a high end look and feel to your space. Disclosure: I am on the Serena and Lily Creator team and have worked with them in the past. You can read my review of their linen bedding and the Topanga pillow!

McGee & Co Throw Pillows

Hands down some of the prettiest pillows around. Prepare to pay designer price, but keep in mind that the textiles are high quality and curated by the one and only Shea McGee!

Pottery Barn Throw Pillows

Quality basics and traditional patterns at a moderate price point.

Designer Tip: Support Small Shops

Pillows from small shops are often an investment because they are handmade from vintage or handwoven textiles. These pieces add so much character to a space and I love supporting small businesses when I can!

Xasmin Interiors (Etsy)

Beautiful pillows crafted with artisan textiles from around the world. Jasmin and I have connected on Instagram and I love supporting her! Check out the Xasmin Interiors website too.

Hackner Home (Etsy)

Lots of great basics, stripes and plaids.

Laurel and Blush (Etsy)

Lovely floral patterns and tassels.

Krinto (Etsy)

Huge selection of African mudcloth, grain sack, Indigo, Hmong, and Indian textile pillows. My go to for vintage floral pillows!

A Few More Etsy Throw Pillow Shops

100 Best Throw Pillows for 2023

Updated: Here are my favorite pillows and pillow covers this year!

Throw Pillow Combinations for Every Style and Budget in 2023 | throw pillows for bed, couch pillow combinations, designer look for less, affordable, budget friendly, how to arrange pillows in groups

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In conclusion, I hope you found this post helpful for creating and styling throw pillow combinations. You will have to let me know which look is your favorite!

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