Hi friends! Today I’m sharing big updates in our organic modern living room, including slipcovered linen accent chairs, a modern white sofa, and pleated curtains. It is always fun to see a room makeover come together! Especially when you have been budgeting and planning for months, and then trying out different furniture layouts and decor.

Recently I asked how you would describe our home decor style. At least for now, I have landed on “organic modern,” which focuses on neutrals, textures, clean lines, and minimal decor to create a cozy space! I hope you enjoy this tour of our organic modern living room. I would love to know in the comments at the end, what is your design style?

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Organic Modern Armchairs

I recently shared a post all about linen accent chairs, which includes both save and splurge options. If you are looking for something affordable, we are loving our budget friendly slouchy armchairs from Target!

Organic Modern Living Room Furniture | living room with linen slipcovered accent chairs, white sofa, round wood coffee table, beige peonies, and beige pinch pleat drapes

These slipcovered chairs are perfect for extra living room seating. Both comfy and stylish, they create the organic modern vibe that I love!

If you are hoping to snag the chairs, it is important to note that they sometimes go out of stock. But, you can sign up for in-stock alerts, which is how I was able to order them!

Organic Modern Living Room Furniture | Loloi Wynter rug, beige pinch pleat drapes, wood frame accent chair, quartz white sitka sofa, linen slipcovered chairs

Until our sofa arrived, I tried out some different living room furniture configurations. The first look had the slouchy armchairs on the right, the wood frame chairs by the windows, and ottomans opposite. The second look had the wood frame chairs on either side of the coffee table.

Honestly, it was fun to live with different living room layout for a while. Ultimately we needed more seating, but you can check out both looks here if you would like to see the alternatives!

Organic Modern Wood Frame Chairs

Here is a photo of our wood frame accent chairs in front of the windows. Unfortunately our exact chairs are no longer available at Target, but these ones have a similar look!

Organic modern living room furniture, wood and rattan accent chairs, Amazon pinch pleat drapes

Wood accent chairs are popular in the interior design world right now. I especially like details such as wrapped arms, French seams, and fluffy cushions. Here are some more wood frame chairs to choose from!

Organic Modern Living Room White Sofa

We recently added this white sofa to our living room, and I’m so happy with it! I have been dreaming about a fluffy white couch for years and it was exciting to finally add it to our space.

neutral living room inspo, quartz white sitka sofa, round wood coffee table

I think people have a love hate relationship with white furniture, and I understand both positions. But as you can probably tell, I’m a fan of white furniture! We avoid eating messy snacks in the living room, but otherwise, we haven’t done anything special to keep it clean.

modern white sofa with cozy throw and neutral decor, beige drapes, quartz white sitka sofa

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Until now, I have always struggled to take a photo from this angle. Our living room is open concept, and having an off-center sectional always bothered me. My brain just couldn’t handle it! This setup feels right and has been perfect for movie nights and relaxing.

Organic Modern Living Room Curtains

Finally, I have to mention our pinch pleat Amazon curtains again because they are one of my favorite updates to our living room! I think they really pull the organic modern look together by adding warmth and texture. What do you think?

organic modern living room furniture, wood frame accent chair, Loloi vintage look printed rug, beige curtains, white sofa, large artificial olive tree

Organic Modern Living Room Progress

Here is my living room mood board, so that you can compare it to the current situation!

mood board design plan, beige curtains, Loloi rug, wood accent chairs, white sofa, white slipcovered chairs, faux leather ottomans, large ceramic lamp, olive tree, chandelier

Did you notice the main piece that is still missing? The three arm chandelier! I still plan to add it to our space, but I am working slowly as my budget allows. Swapping all of the furniture was my first priority. I have flush mounts to update as well, so I’m planning to focus on lighting soon.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our organic modern living room. I have tried out all different design styles in this space over the years, including coastal and boho! Let me know, what is your design style?

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  1. Hi Caitlin,
    Where did you get your rug?

    1. Hi Jordan! Here is the rug, I have the size 8′-6″ x 11′-6″.

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