Welcome friends! Things have been a bit quiet around the blog since my Summer Home Tour. I made it my goal to take a step back in June and to soak up the beginning of summertime with my kiddos! May was such a busy month, we all needed a break. I’m starting to get feel my “design fever” returning though, and am excited for new projects ahead! First up, I’m sharing my cozy modern bedroom mood board for our guest room.

After we moved in two and a half years ago, we purchased side tables, bedding, and a few decor pieces. I hadn’t nailed down my style yet, though, and the space is still relatively bare today. In this case, that is a plus because I’m excited to plan the room from the ground up! Let’s get started 🙂

Cozy Modern Bedroom Inspiration

I’ve pinned hundreds of pretty bedrooms on Pinterest, but the three images below are some of my favorites! I’ll share what I love about each.

As usual, Studio McGee nails it in this gorgeous bedroom! I love the neutral bedding, the muted color of the pillows, and the pop of black from the frame above the bed. The side table decor adds character, and the rug looks so welcoming. Guest bedroom perfection!

My friend Dani is a pro at layering her bedding and sourcing the most beautiful textiles! I love the organic look she has created with a linen blanket, quilt and blue jute pillows. The wood tone of her side tables adds warmth and contrast. Love this space!

Finally, this bedroom by Alaina Kaczmarski has the most beautiful linen headboard and brass sconces. I also love the large mattes and black frames.

Cozy Modern Bedroom Mood Board

Cozy Modern Bedroom Mood Board | modern traditional design, guest room ideas, bedroom decor, upholstered headboard, bedside tables, vintage style rug

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I had so much fun designing this mood board for our guest room! It incorporates many of the details I loved in my inspiration photos: a linen look headboard, brass sconces, framed artwork, warm wood side tables, books, and a cozy vintage look rug.

Cozy Modern Bedroom Mood Board | modern traditional design, guest room ideas, bedroom decor, upholstered headboard, bedside tables, vintage style rug

Here is a variation with a neutral tribal rug. Which do you prefer? This rug fits better with my usual style, but since this is a guest room, I may branch out and use a bit more color.

I would love to start working on our guest room soon! The first order of business is PAINT. The walls are still flat gray from when we built our home, and I would like to paint them a creamy white with an eggshell finish. I may hold off on making other changes until fall, as I am hoping to participate in the One Room Challenge, and think this may be a good space to tackle.

Update: Here is my guest room reveal!

Cozy Modern Bedroom Decor

While researching for this design, I came across so many beautiful pieces, so I thought I would round them all up here.

Upholstered Headboards

Warm Wood Side Tables


Muted Pillows

Wall Sconces



Decor Accents

What room in your home are you currently daydreaming about? I love taking my time designing spaces, and saving up for pieces I love. It makes the reveal that much more special when I know I have waited patiently for it. XO,

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