Looking for a way to keep all of those Lego sets organized? This is the post for you friend! I have been working on a budget friendly refresh in my son’s Star Wars room, and one of my goals is to keep the space minimal and organized. This is a challenge since Bug loves Lego and other toys with lots of small pieces! But I knew we could come up with a solution, and I’m so pleased with the functionality and design of this space. Keep reading for Lego storage ideas and organization tips to help you breath a sigh of relief!

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Lego Storage Ideas

I’ll begin by sharing the storage system we chose, but keep reading for other ideas below!

Ikea Trofast System for Legos

Lego Storage and Organization Tips | Ikea trofast toy storage, zipper bags for organizing Lego sets, Star Wars kids room decor, neutral kids room
Lego Storage Ideas and Organization Tips | ikea trofast system, drawers for Legos, toy storage ideas

I purchased these IKEA TROFAST shelves about a year ago to keep the Lego situation under control. There are many TROFAST configurations to choose from, based on the size and shape of your room! I went with mostly small bins to contain individual sets, and a few large bins that could hold other toys. Eventually we reached a point where we had to double or triple up on the sets in the smaller bins–I have an organizing solution for that which I will share below!

Overall, we have found the TROFAST system to be sturdy and functional for us. These are three separate units that are not attached to one another, but I mounted them to the wall so that they cannot tip or move. (Wall mounting hardware is included. Where I could not hit a stud, I used toggle bolts and washers to make the setup extra sturdy.) Wall mounting is a bit of a hassle but the safety measure was important to me, and it has the added bonus of preventing Legos from falling between or behind the units!

Other Lego Storage Options

If you do not have an IKEA nearby or are looking for another option, here are some other storage systems, bins, and baskets that would work great for Lego storage:

Lego Organization Tips

Lego organization tips, zipper bags for Lego sets, IKEA trofast, budget friendly toy organization

Now, to keep those sets together. If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you have probably seen these mesh zipper bags! They are truly amazing and a great budget friendly option (mine worked out to be less than 50 cents each). Our Lego sets were mostly together but we had spare pieces floating around, so I enlisted Bug to help me sort the sets into the bags.

Here are some Lego organizing tips!

  1. Place each set inside of its own zipper bag, including the instruction booklet to keep everything together. The exception would be if you have a very large set that needs its own bin, in that case we did not use a bag.
  2. Next, sort sets by type–space, vehicles, animals, etc.
  3. Use an appropriately sized bin for each type. We were able to stack 3-4 bags on top of one another in the smaller bins, and file 5-6 bags in the larger bins.
  4. Label your bins. We used these adhesive business card holders and printed labels using the Classic Business Cards template in Mac Pages (Templates > Stationary > Business Cards).
neutral Star Wars kids room with lego storage, lego organization ideas, Star Wars artwork, minimalist kids room

Here is a peek at Bug’s new upholstered bed and some of his Star Wars decor! I was only able to take photos of this half of the room so far–the other half was a mess!–but am hoping to post the full Star Wars room reveal next week.

Tell me, what is your favorite toy organizing tip? Feel free to leave any questions you have below! Happy organizing,

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