Have you tried floral design as a hobby? I have practiced here and there, but always felt sad when my arrangement wilted within a few days. Fast forward to this spring when I decided to invest in some faux cherry blossoms from a female-founded shop called Afloral. I was so impressed with the look and quality, that I reached out to the Afloral team! Today I’m excited to be partnering with Afloral to share how to style artificial flowers in a compote. Whether you are a seasoned floral designer, or a newbie like me, I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring.

Ready to Style Artificial Flowers?

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

how to style artificial flowers in a compote, board and batten accent wall
How to style artificial flowers in a compote | Afloral faux flowers, artificial roses, peonies, bleached ferns, gold metal compote bowl

Here is what you will need to create your own artificial flower arrangement:

A Vase or Compote

I am using this gold metal compote, but here are more pretty options. The product images show arrangement ideas!

Artificial Flowers and Greenery

I chose artificial roses (see my recipe below), but here are more flowers I love.

Dried Florals

For a vintage vibe, I included dried florals in my arrangement as well.

Flower Arranging Tools

Don’t forget these important tools for faux flower arranging. I used this floral frog and these wire cutters.

My Flower Recipe

Step 2: Prep Your Vessel

If you are styling a compote, you may use a floral frog or angel vine plus floral tape. For wide rim vase, you may also use a floral frog on the inside, or create a grid over the opening of the vase with floral tape.

styling artificial flowers in a compote, vintage look floral arrangement, gold mental compote bowl, faux roses from afloral

Step 3: Begin With A Base

I knew I wanted to use these bleached ferns at the base of my arrangement. Dried florals are a bit delicate, so I decided to place them first. I used five stems around the bottom of the compote for a draped, romantic look.

artificial roses and peonies in gold metal compote bowl

Step 4: Style Your Statement Flowers

Next I added my roses. I used heavy duty wire cutters to trim the stems, and then simply placed the ends of the stems in the floral frog. It made it so easy to position each stem exactly where I wanted it to be, so I highly recommend using one for a compote!

Here are some tips:

  1. Cut some of the stems pretty short so that the blooms hang down over the lip of the compote. This creates a romantic look and also prevents you from seeing inside of the compote.
  2. Work your way up so that some of the stems are upright. Personally I like an asymmetrical, imperfect look so I used some longer stems on one side, and shorter stems on the other side.
  3. Bend and play with the stems so that they look natural (not perfectly straight).
how to style artificial flowers in a compote | final look with faux roses, peonies, greenery, and bleached ferns.

Step 5: Finish With Greenery and Accents

Now it is time to fill in your arrangement with greenery and accent florals. I used three stems of this protea foliage, and then added some preserved baby’s breath for texture and whimsy.

For another example of a flower arrangement in a compote, check out this tutorial from Afloral.

dining room with board and batten accent wall, black dining chairs, and artificial floral arrangement

Enjoy Your Artificial Flowers!

For now, I placed my compote on our dining room table as a centerpiece. But I’m sure I will end up moving it around our home! And after a while, I may take it apart and try a new arrangement. I just love that I can reuse the flowers again and again.

Caitlin holding floral arrangement in dining room, organic modern dining room decor
wider view of dining room with white dining table, vintage rug, black dining chairs, gold chandelier, and faux floral arrangement
Caitlin Marie Design profile picture, faux florals in a gold compote


Learning how to style artificial flowers has been an inspiring and therapeutic hobby for me. Have you tried creating a faux floral arrangement? If you would like to begin, be sure to check out the beautiful options from Afloral, and use my code CAIT15 for 15% off all orders over $50 (excludes Bergs planters). Happy arranging! Xo,

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