Welcome friends! Today I’m excited to share a simple DIY to upgrade a basic bathroom. This project was inspired by my friend Lindsay over at Woods and Ivory who shared her shower makeover on Instagram–thank you Lindsay! Our primary bathroom came with builder grade sliding doors and the frame was impossible to keep clean. I disliked the look, and honestly felt like I could not get past those yucky doors when it came to styling the space. I finally decided to go for it! Last weekend I completed this project by myself in just a few hours. Even if you do not consider yourself a DIY-er, you can do this! Keep reading to learn how to remove glass shower doors and upgrade your bathroom, on a budget.

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Bathroom Before Removing Glass Shower Doors

builder grade glass shower door, before photo

Here are the glass doors in all their glory! You can see that there is a lip at the bottom of the shower insert that will keep the water in, even without the doors. So let’s say goodbye and give this space a fresh look!

How to Remove Glass Shower Doors (and Frame)

Step 1: Lift Off the Doors

Lift each door off of the track and carefully remove it from the shower. I was able to do this on my own, but they are a bit heavy, so consider having a helper for this step.

Step 2: Unscrew the Metal Door Frame

Our frame had six screws and they were easy to remove. (Please excuse the poor quality photo–it is a screenshot from my Instagram reel! But wanted to show you a visual.)

remove screws from the shower door frame

Step 3: Remove the Metal Door Frame

Use a utility knife to cut the silicone caulk lining the door frame. Tip: Be sure to cut parallel to the shower wall so that you do not scratch it.

use a utility knife to cut the silicone caulk around the shower frame

Step 4: Clean Off the Remaining Silicone

Use a putty knife (or credit card) to scrape off the silicone caulk from the shower walls. Tip: Warm up the silicone with a hairdryer to make it easier to remove.

use a putty knife to scrape off the remaining silicone caulk from the shower

Step 5: Clean the Shower

This part is a little gross, but it will feel so good when it is finished! I will spare you the visual, but if you want to see a before and after check out my reel.

Step 6: Add the Shower Curtain

Fill the screw holes in the shower insert with white silicone. Then, hang a pretty tension rod, rings, and shower curtain (and liner) and enjoy a completely new view.

Before and After Removing Glass Shower Doors

Mind blown! I could not be happier with the results of this easy DIY! I used a gold tension rod, gold curtain rings, fabric shower liner, and plaid shower curtain. Linking some more pretty curtains options here:

gold tension rod, gold curtain rings, plaid shower curtain, easy diy shower upgrade
How To Remove Glass Shower Doors, gold tension rod with neutral plaid shower curtain, easy bathroom diy upgrade builder grade bathroom shower
How To Remove Glass Shower Doors, easy bathroom diy to upgrade a builder grade shower with glass doors, plaid shower curtain with gold tension rod

Do you have this type of shower in your home? Or do you have other simple bathroom DIYs to share? I’ll be working on this space this year, as well as our guest bathroom, so stay tuned for more builder grade bathroom upgrades coming soon.

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  1. My shower is very similar to this except itโ€™s a hinged door, not sliding. I want to take it off but the hubs is worried about water coming out. We have what looks like the same exact lip at the bottom as you do. Have you had any problem with water coming out during a shower?

    1. Hi Carling! Thanks so much for the comment. So we are using a shower curtain and liner. I will say that the liner does not always stay behind the lip, so water does get on the shower curtain too. Since it is just an inexpensive one, I do not really mind. We haven’t had issues with water pooling on the floor or anything. Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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