Want to decorate a cozy corner, for yourself or your kids? Last week I painted our small loft, and ever since I have been thinking about how to style it. In my 2022 project plans, I mentioned that I wanted to create a quiet corner / reading nook for the kiddos. It got me thinking about the common design dilemma of empty corners and small spaces. Often we just don’t know what to do with them! So, I decided to create three different mood boards. I hope you find this post helpful, and you will have to let me know which design is your favorite.

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1. How to Decorate a Cozy Corner for Reading

The first design is a classic cozy corner for sipping coffee in the morning, or reading a book at night. I love the look of this olive chenille chair and arched ottoman together! I also included a side table for a mug, a basket for current reads, and a floor lamp for good lighting.

For all three designs looks, I also included a small round rug. If you already have a large rug in your room–for example if this is a corner in your bedroom–I would omit the round rug. But if you have a small loft area like me, it ground the space. The small size and round shape will prevent corners from sticking up in high traffic areas, while still adding a layer of coziness.

How to Decorate a Cozy Corner | reading chair, floor lamp, round rug, canvas art, neutral home decor, organic modern

framed canvas art | wood and metal floor lamp | olive penn chair | faux dogwood branches | malaga vase | pedestal accent table | patterned round rug | braided seagrass basket | martini upholstered ottoman

2. How to Decorate a Cozy Corner for Two

If you have enough room and would like to create a cozy corner for two people, here is a design with wood frame chairs and round ottomans. I also included a reading lamp, faux olive tree, and pretty gallery wall of vintage art. This patterned rug is one I have had my eye on. I love the subtle greens and pinks.

Cozy corner for two, conversation set, wood frame accent chairs, vintage art gallery wall, California casual neutral home decor, affordable home decor

artificial olive tree | vintage gallery wall art set | rattan wrap floor lamp | ventura accent chair | sage blush rosemarie round rug | black and rattan storage box | mudcloth round ottoman

3. How to Decorate a Reading Nook for Kids

Finally, here is a design that is close to what I plan to do with our loft area! I’m planning to create a cozy reading corner for my kids with a cabinet for storage. I will also style book ledges, pillows, floor cushions, and decor staples that blend with the rest of our home. This is an area that I walk past often, and until now it has felt like an afterthought. I’m excited to make it an intentional space where we can cozy up, read books, and make memories as a family!

Cozy corner for kids, reading nook, quiet corner, floor cushions, cabinet for books, la jolla basket, brass wall picture sconce, organic modern decor

book ledges | brass picture sconce | framed scribble art | faux eucalyptus stems | wood bowl | circle vase | alpaca soft toy | black cane cabinet | lidded basket | tufted floor cushions | striped pillow | floral pillow | woven cube ottoman | round jute rug

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And there you have it, three ways to decorate a cozy corner. Try one of these in your bedroom, living room, loft, or any empty and neglected space in your home! Which is your favorite? Do you already have a spot for reading or sipping your coffee? My personal spot is my office nook, but I’m looking forward to adding another option.

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