In the words of Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Whether you consider yourself an adventure seeker or a homebody, there is something about having a haven to return to! Today’s post is all about how to create a cozy home, no matter your budget or decor style. Here are my favorite ways to make your home feel inviting, warm, and restful.

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What Makes a Home Feel Cozy?

There are many ways to make a home look and feel cozy, and I will share quite a few below. But most importantly, a cozy home is where you feel comfortable and at ease. So as you would imagine, this can mean something a little different to everyone.

A cozy home does not need to be a particular decor style. For example, even a minimalist home can feel cozy! If you have a modern home with minimal decor, the key is to balance tidy spaces and clean lines with cozy textures.

Other design styles, such as cottage farmhouse or traditional, easily lend themselves to a cozy look. In this case, the key is to create intentional spaces and moments for a serene space.

Ready for more cozy home ideas? Here are my top 15 favorite ways to make any home feel warm and cozy.

1. Cozy Bedding Layers

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, layered bedding

Bedding is great place to start when creating a cozy home. For instance, try adding additional layers to your bed with an extra quilt or comforter folder near the end, or a throw blanket draped on one side.

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2. Wall Molding for a Cozy Home

builder grade primary bathroom makeover, mauve bathroom, designer look on a budget, look for less bathroom decor, brass vanity lights, wood frame mirror, builder grade bathroom remodel, postmodern mauve

Secondly, consider adding texture to your walls with wall molding. This picture frame molding is an easy DIY for beginners that does not require a saw. Wall trim helps define large walls and fill empty space for a more cozy vibe.

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3. Warm Gold and Brass Metals

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, warm metals

A simple way to warm up any space is by incorporating warm metals such as gold, brass, and copper. This could be in the form of light fixtures, doorknobs, faucets, or decorative accents.

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4. Cushioned Runner for a Cozy Kitchen

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, machine washable cushioned runner rug for kitchen

Kitchens can feel sterile or boring, so cozy yours up with a cushioned runner rug! I love that this one is soft underfoot and machine washable.

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5. Vintage Art Gallery Wall

Bedroom Office Nook (and Vintage Art Gallery Wall) | black sit to stand electric standing desk, hats hanging on wall, poetto vase, collected antique art gallery wall

If you don’t have a lot of space or prefer minimal decor, consider hanging vintage art prints. For my office nook, I chose cozy landscapes and sketches. I also hung a few hats on the wall for a lived-in look.

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6. Table Lamps and Cozy Warm Lighting

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, rattan wicker lamp for warm lighting

To make your home feel extra cozy, avoid using the ceiling light while relaxing. Include several other light sources throughout your rooms–such as sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps–for soft and subtle lighting. Finally, go for warm white lightbulbs! Even LEDs are pretty good these days.

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7. Warm Grey Beige Curtains

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, drapes

Curtains and drapes always add coziness because of their layered texture. We have these pinch pleat drapes throughout our main level and they really warm up our white walls!

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8. Soft Rugs for a Cozy Home

Cozy classic bedroom decor, maroon throw blanket, amber lewis x loloi morgan rug, cloudpile rug, charcoal headboard

In addition to adding a cozy layer underfoot, area rugs help define spaces in your home. If you have an open concept living room or awkwardly shaped room, try adding a rug! I especially love Loloi’s super soft CloudPile rugs.

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9. Stacked Books and Mugs

Cute fall mugs for staying cozy this autumn, cute halloween mug, pumpkin mug, ghost mug, black cat mug, witchy mug, fall coffee mugs

This cozy home idea is perfect for book lovers and coffee and tea drinkers! Books add texture to your coffee table or nightstand decor, while also being functional. So, fill your shelves or stack up favorites volumes for a lived-in vibe. As for mugs, try using a mug tree to display your favorites in the kitchen or at a coffee bar.

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10. Cozy Throw Pillows

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, layered bedding, floral block print pillows on bed

We’ve already discussed bedding, but there is another important component of cozy bedroom or living room decor. Throw pillows, of course! Check out my post about pillow combinations for tips.

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11. Warm Wood Tones for a Cozy Home

winter entryway decor, wooden console table with drawers, ceramic table lamp, faux leather woven cube ottoman, target decor, studio mcgee

If you aren’t one for lots of pillows and blankets, try including warm wood tones in your decor. In contrast to painted or whitewashed furniture, these pieces create a cozy feel. Here is our white oak console table!

12. Cozy and Inviting Furniture

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, Loloi Wynter rug, beige pinch pleat drapes, wood frame accent chair, quartz white sitka sofa, linen slipcovered chairs

Can a living room with white furniture feel cozy? I think so! The key is to choose textiles such as linen (or faux linen) with variation and texture for a warmer look. In addition, slipcovered furniture looks cozy and laid back. Above all, choose comfortable furniture for lounging!

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13. Seagrass Baskets and Rattan Decor

best bedroom wall sconces for any budget, best bedroom wall lamps, nightstand styling, wicker wall sconce, mozu trinket dish

Baskets make any space feel both functional and cozy. Lidded baskets are perfect for hiding blankets or toys! You can also introduce woven or rattan textures through decor accents or sconces.

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14. Decor Above Kitchen Cabinets

cozy home kitchen decor, fall faux flowers, strawflower bush

Need a way to make a basic kitchen feel special and inviting? Since our cabinets do not go all the way up to the ceiling, I styled them with baskets and my vase collection. Yes, it requires a little dusting. But now our builder grade kitchen feels a little like a cozy cottage!

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15. Velvet Accents for a Cozy Home

how to create a cozy home ideas for any budget and style, mauve roses, white oak console table with drawers, green velvet ottoman, threshold with studio mcgee, classic entryway decor

Finally, try adding velvet chairs or ottomans for a cozy home vibe. This classic fabric feels and looks so inviting!

More Cozy Home Ideas

Check out the following for more cozy home inspiration:

I would love to know what makes your home feel cozy, so leave me a comment below!

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