If you are looking for neutral greige curtains, look no further! A few years ago I took the plunge and ordered these pinch pleat drapes for our living room. They have been one of my favorite home purchases, so I wanted to add the same curtains to our dining room. I especially love the warm gray beige color which was a challenge to find at an affordable price point. These faux linen curtains look elegant and high end, but are relatively budget friendly for custom drapes!

Disclosure: I had the pleasure of working with TwoPages on Instagram. They kindly gifted me the curtains for our dining room, but this blog post is not sponsored.

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Elegant Greige Curtains in the Dining Room

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Here are our new greige curtains! In the past I have always used white curtains in our formal dining room, but wanted to create a cozy, slightly moody look with darker curtains.

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greige curtains, formal dining room curtains ideas, artificial cherry blossom branches in a large vase, grey beige twopages liz faux linen drapes

As I mentioned, it was a challenge to find greige drapes at an affordable price! Most of the options I liked were custom from designer shops and way out of my budget. While these curtains are not the cheapest, they are a great middle of the road option that helped create the look for less.

Our Greige Curtains Details

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You can read even more about these popular drapes in my TwoPages curtains review! The post also includes tips for selecting a color, width, length, and liner.

For our dining room, I chose panels that are 84 inches wide x 96 inches long for a full look. Our ceilings are 9 feet tall.

Where to Buy Greige Curtains

These greige curtains are available on Amazon, but you can also order custom drapes in any size directly from the seller’s website. There are more options for curtain liners and pleat styles if you choose to go the fully custom route.

Greige Curtains Color Name

The fabric color that we have in both our living room and dining room is called grey beige. It is a beautiful neutral curtain color that can look different depending on the lighting. Overall the color is a nice blend of beige and gray that isn’t too warm or cool. They look warmer with the sun shining through, and cooler when the room is shaded.

grey beige pinch pleat dining room curtains ideas, elegant curtains, pinch pleat drapes

Unlined vs. Lined Greige Curtains

Our living room curtains are unlined, but for the dining room curtains I chose the 140 gsm room darkening liner. In my opinion, the white liner on the back of the curtains looks better from outside. A liner also prevents the curtain color from looking washed out in the sunlight. So, I would recommend getting a liner if you have a bright room.

Greige Curtains on Sale

Tap to see the current TwoPages sales for a discount!

Dining Room Curtains Ideas and Styling Tips

grey beige drapes, neutral dining room ideas

Finally, to finish up this post I want to share a few tips for choosing and styling dining room curtains:

Decide on a Casual or Formal Look

How formal your curtains look will be determined by the curtain header style and type of fabric. Pleated drapes lean a little more formal, but they can also pair well with casual dining room decor.

Measure for Curtain Width and Length

I went into detail about measuring for drapes in my TwoPages curtains review, but wanted to mention that for our dining room I ordered wider curtains for an extra full look.

Choose a Curtain Color

If you have already decorated your dining room and are adding drapes later on, consider what will blend well with your space. For our home, I chose neutral greige curtains that will pair with almost anything since I like to redecorate often! But I also love the look of curtains that make a statement with a color or pattern.

Select a Curtain Lining

If you will be using your curtains on a daily basis, think about whether you want to diffuse light or block light altogether. I chose a room darkening lining (140 gsm) to add structure and prevent the color from looking blown out by the sun. Alternatively, you can choose unlined or blackout curtains.

Steam and Train Drapery

Our greige curtains did not require much steaming, but I did go over a few areas that were wrinkled from shipping. It is also important to train your curtains by arranging the pleats to hang straight from top to bottom. Loosely tie the drapes with string and leave them for a few weeks to help this process if needed.

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grey beige drapes, dining room curtain ideas

I hope you found this post helpful if you are searching for greige curtains for a dining room, living room, or bedroom! Leave me a comment with any questions you may have.

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