Love interior design? Don’t love the giant black rectangle in your living room? Meet Samsung’s The Frame TV, the TV that looks like a painting. Since you are reading a decorating blog, chances are you already know all about it. This marvel of design and technology has been on my wishlist for years since it was first released in 2017, so I was giddy to finally purchase one when the newest model dropped. The 2022 Frame TV has a new anti-glare matte display, so it looks even more like a beautiful piece of artwork. Now that we have lived with it for a few months, I wanted to write an honest Frame TV review in case you have been considering it for your home!

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The TV That Looks Like A Painting

Before I get to the review, here are some photos of the 2022 Frame TV in our living room.

Frame TV Review (2022 Model) | tv that looks like art, samsung frame tv above media console with organic modern decor
Frame TV Review (2022 Model) | tv that looks like art, samsung frame tv, living room interior design, display art on tv, modern teak bezel
frame tv and media console decor

I cannot get over how beautiful The Frame TV looks in our living room! When friends and family have visited over the last few months, they have all been surprised by how much it looks like framed artwork. Of course, one of my favorite aspects is the ability to change the art display as often as I like. Here are a few more pieces that I have been enjoying, from Etsy sellers:

Frame TV Review (2022 Model) | tv that looks like art, samsung frame tv above media console with organic modern decor
minimalist drawing of flowers on tv
Frame TV Review (2022 Model) | sailboat painting displayed on tv

bouquet | sailboat | architecture | flower sketch | horses | flower painting

My Honest Frame TV Review (2022 Model)

And now for the review! For reference, the exact model that I purchased is the 65″ Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV (2022). I will be talking you through my thoughts on the design, tech features, and installation process.

wide view of living room with arched mirror, artificial cherry blossom tree, media console and frame tv

Frame TV Design

Over the last few years, Samsung has upgraded The Frame TV to be even more beautiful and functional. The 2021 model was slimmer than previous iterations and also introduced a new Slim Fit Wall Mount system. This year, the 2022 model released with a new anti-glare Matte Display. After doing some research, I felt that this upgrade was worth it to me if I was going to invest in The Frame, so I decided to purchase the 2022 model.

Of course, the main purpose of The Frame TV is to display artwork while you are not watching it, eliminating the unsightly black rectangle from your living room or bedroom wall. You may also purchase different bezels to change the color of the frame around the TV screen. (2021 bezels are compatible with the 2022 model.) Basically, it is a design lover’s dream! I chose the modern teak bezel which has a warm wood look and contrasts nicely with my gray media console.

Another great design feature of The Frame TV is easy access to over 1,400 pieces of artwork through the Art Store. You will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, but this is a great option if you do not want to shop around for your own art. The Art Store makes things easy with curated collections of classic and modern artwork and photography.

Alternatively, you can download art for your Frame TV from online shops and then upload them to your TV right from your phone (or a USB flash drive). And you can customize your artwork with different mat styles and colors.

Frame TV Tech Features

The Frame is a 4K QLED TV. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty as that is not my expertise 😉 but here is info on The Frame’s QLED technology and smart features. I will say that the picture quality is excellent! It definitely outperforms our previous TV–the colors are noticeably brighter and the picture is crisp and high contrast.

I already mentioned the new anti-glare Matte Display on the 2022 Frame TV, but it really is stunning. Our living room gets a lot of natural light so the matte display is a great feature whether we are watching shows or enjoying artwork. Another feature that I love is the brightness sensor for Art Mode, which adjusts the picture to match the ambient lighting in the room. This helps your artwork look more realistic!

Finally, all of the built-in apps for streaming services have been very functional and easy to use. And the pretty white remote is solar powered, how cool is that?

Frame TV Installation

It is possible to hang The Frame by yourself depending on your comfort and skill with DIY projects. In the end, I felt better about hiring a professional. A big thank you to our handyman who did a fantastic job! After hanging Frame TVs for several clients, his input was that while the installation is simple in theory, it can be a challenge. The wall mounting system is self-leveling which makes it hard to get the TV perfectly centered. And since the TV hangs flush against the wall, it can be difficult to plug in. In the end it took three people to hang it: my husband helped lift the TV onto the brackets while I plugged in the One Connect cable.

Note: The mounting system for The Frame changed in 2021. Previous models used the “No Gap Wall Mount,” but the 2021 and 2022 Frame TVs use the “Slim Fit Wall Mount.” Thought I would mention this in case you are researching online and see these phrases come up!

frame tv in our living room, cherry blossom tree, white sofa and accent chairs, rattan lamp

Living Room Before and After with the Frame TV

Finally, here is a before and after comparison! The first photo is our previous TV. I displayed art on it using various methods that I shared in this post. However, it was not fooling anyone as there was a large gap between the TV and the wall, and the glare was awful from most angles. The second photo is The Frame! Both TVs are 65″.

You will also notice that I replaced my black soundbar with this light gray soundbar that blends in with our media console. The Frame has pretty impressive sound for a TV, but my husband wanted a soundbar, so I hunted down the prettiest one in my price range 😉

Where to Purchase the 2022 Frame TV

The Frame TV is available at a wide range of stores. After browsing around, I decided to order directly from because they were running a sale. If you would like to compare current pricing, here is the 2022 Frame TV from different sellers:

Frame TV Artwork for Every Season

Check out these blog posts with the best seasonal Frame TV artwork:

The Verdict

All things considered, I’m a big fan of The Frame TV! I will continue to update you as the months go by, but so far we have been impressed with the design, quality, and features and are so happy with this purchase. I hope you found this review helpful if you are shopping for a new TV and considering The Frame. Please feel free to leave any questions below. Xo,

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  1. Hi! I’m dying to know the dimensions of your media console (especially width and height) and how high you mounted your TV—I have the same TV in the same size and I’m struggling with how high I want it to be mounted. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ali! So sorry for the delay here, you can read all about our IKEA media console in this post! The TV is mounted about 12 inches from the top of the media console. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Caitlin, your living room is gorgeous!! How far from the TV on the wall did you place your sofa, and where is your cherry blossom tree from? Thank you!

  3. your space is absolutely beautiful!! i would really love to know where your old sectional was from! and if you have the dimensions for your living room by any chance, i would love to know!!

    1. Hello! We bought our sectional from a local shop 10 years ago and I have never been able to find it online unfortunately. This is a similar option! Our living room dimensions are 15 ft x 16.5 ft. Hope that helps!

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