Looking for an artificial spring tree for your living room or bedroom? Today I have a faux flowering tree roundup to share! You may remember that last year I styled an artificial cherry blossom tree in our living room. It quickly became one of my favorite decor items and I cannot wait to bring it out this spring. Keep reading for faux flowering trees that will add character and whimsy to your space as we daydream about warmer days ahead.

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Faux Flowering Tree Roundup

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8.5 ft Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree

This is the faux flowering tree we have in our living room (102 inches). Color options include cream white and pink. It has been out of stock for a while but looks like it is coming back later this month! This is the tallest flowering tree I have found and it really fills out the corner of our living room which has a 9 ft ceiling. It is an investment but the branches are so full and beautiful.

7.5 ft Cherry Blossom Artificial Tree

This slightly shorter blossoming tree has a more sparse look and subtle pink flowers. It does not have any reviews but looks like a promising option and is more affordable.

6 ft Cherry Blossom Tree

A pretty option that comes in both cream and pink. This is another budget friendly option with a slightly different look.

6 ft Nearly Natural Cherry Blossom Tree

I recently purchased this 6 ft pink cherry blossom tree for Ladybug’s room! Other options: 6 ft white / 5 ft pink / 5 ft white. The flowers are so fluffy and in my experience this is a quality yet affordable brand.

5 ft Dogwood Silk Tree

I almost ordered this faux flowering dogwood tree for Ladybug’s room refresh. She then informed me that she wanted pink, but I still love it and hope someone chooses it. Let me know if you do!

5 ft Artificial Apple Blossom Tree

Last but not least, I found this apple blossom tree in both pink and white. The flowers are more sparse but I like the organic look of the branches. It would work well for a smaller space like a bathroom or hallway.

Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree in a Living Room

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fake flowering tree branch close up, spring living room decor

As I mentioned above, this is our 8.5 ft artificial cherry blossom tree. I really hope it comes back into stock soon like the website says! My next choice would be to order this 6 ft tree and prop it up in a tall planter to add height.

If our tree does come back into stock, I highly recommend it. As you can see in the close up photo, the blossoms are fluffy and realistic. I ended up keeping the tree up through the summer because I loved the classic, romantic vibe it added to our living room.

Looking for another source? Check out my Shop Our Living Room page.

Fake Cherry Blossom Tree in a Girls’ Bedroom

pink artificial cherry blossom tree, sakura tree, blush pink girls bedroom

I still need to reveal the girl’s room refresh I am working on, but here is a peek! I had planned to order something else but Ladybug wanted pink. For reference, this is a 6 ft tree in a room with an 8 ft ceiling. Although it wasn’t my first choice, it really is so cute and great quality for the price. This one also comes in cream!

More Faux Flowering Trees

Tap to shop faux flowering trees below including a few extras that I did not share above. You may hover over the product image to see the price!

Which spring tree is your favorite? If there are other spring decor roundups you would like to see, let me know in the comments below!

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