Now that fall is almost here, it was time to swap out the cherry blossom tree in our living room. I ended up purchasing a faux maple tree (watch the unboxing) and am so pleased with it! It fills out the corner of our living room and is the finishing touch for our cozy fall decor. If you are browsing artificial maple trees, there are so many great options at a variety of price points. Keep reading for the best faux fall trees and a look at the artificial maple tree I chose.

This post has been updated for fall 2023!

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The Best Faux Fall Trees for Autumn Home Decor

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Here are the best artificial autumn trees for 2023, in order from tallest to shortest!

  1. 7’ Autumn Maple Artificial Tree (Yellow), Nearly Natural, $280
  2. 7’ Autumn Maple Artificial Tree (Orange), Nearly Natural, $280
  3. 6’ Autumn Eucalyptus Artificial Tree, Nearly Natural, $206
  4. 6’ Autumn Oak Artificial Fall Tree, Nearly Natural, $225
  5. 6’ Autumn Birch Artificial Fall Tree, Nearly Natural, $200
  6. 6′ Fall Magnolia Artificial Tree, Nearly Natural, $257
  7. 6′ Autumn Red Maple Artificial Fall Tree, Nearly Natural $236
  8. 6′ Fall Foliage Yellow Aspen Tree in Pot, Wayfair, $150
  9. 5′ Artificial Purple Fall Foliage Tree, Wayfair, $90
  10. 4’ Autumn Pomegranate Artificial Tree, Nearly Natural, $135

How to Style an Artificial Maple Tree or Faux Fall Tree

close up of potted maple tree from crate and barrel

After researching all of the options, I decided to purchase a faux maple tree from Crate & Barrel (sadly, this one is not currently available). I especially love the sparse, minimalist look, muted red tone, and 7.5 ft height.

faux fall tree roundup, potted faux maple tree from crate and barrel in organic modern living room with cozy fall decor

Artificial maple trees make a statement and do not require a lot of styling. Above all, I would recommend adding a large stone or ceramic planter pot if your tree comes with a small plastic pot. Keep reading for ideas for styling a faux tree in a planter!

In addition to adding a planter, give your faux fall tree room to shine and style the rest of your living room or bedroom simply with earthy fall colors and neutral decor.

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faux fall tree roundup, potted faux maple tree from crate and barrel in organic modern living room with cozy fall decor

I also wanted to mention that I considered choosing a shorter tree and propping it up in a tall basket or large planter to add height. This is a great way to get the look for less, since shorter trees tend to be less expensive. I especially love this autumn eucalyptus tree and this artificial maple tree!

How to Make an Artificial Tree Look Taller

Finally, here is how to make a faux tree look taller! This is a budget friendly option if you already have a large planter pot to use, or want to purchase one to reuse with different season trees.

  1. Place a cardboard box, plastic container, or small planter upside down inside of a large planter.
  2. Place your faux tree inside of the large planter (so it is propped up near the top).
  3. Wrap towels or blankets around the tree pot to make the tree sturdy.
  4. Cover the top with Spanish moss to complete the look.
organic modern fall living room decor with wood frame accent chairs, linen berea slouchy lounge chairs, sitka sofa, grey beige pinch pleat curtains

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So, which of these faux fall trees is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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