Earlier this week I revealed our fall porch with cinderella pumpkins on Instagram, but wanted to share more photos and tips here on the blog. Our whole family had fun with this project, as we went on a few shopping trips to collect pumpkins, then enjoyed washing and prepping them in the backyard–and spraying one another with the hose 😉 A fall front porch doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Assorted pumpkins, a few seasonal plants, and pretty porch basics are all you need! I’ll be sharing where I purchased my pumpkins and a few styling tips for a colorful and cozy fall porch.

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Where to Find Cinderella Pumpkins

Fall Front Porch with Cinderella Pumpkins | fairytale pumpkins, cozy fall porch, fall aesthetic, white mums, layered doormats, plaid throw

Cinderella pumpkins are also known as fairytale pumpkins or heirloom pumpkins. They can be harder to find than traditional pumpkins, but with their growing popularity in the last few years, more stores are carrying them. This year we purchased ours at Trader Joe’s and Home Depot, but you can also try your local grocery store or pumpkin patch!

fairytale cinderella pumpkins, cozy fall porch, fall aesthetic, white mums, layered doormats, plaid throw

Pumpkins are usually very affordable. Cinderella pumpkins may go for a bit more than regular orange pumpkins, but you can mix and match and achieve this look on a budget.

stacked cinderella pumpkins on front porch, pink and white pumpkins

If you cannot find cinderella pumpkins locally, here are some faux options that could be used year after year:

How to Preserve Pumpkins for Your Porch

orange and pink pumpkins on front porch with white mum, suede boots

This year I decided to work a little harder to preserve my pumpkins so that they hopefully last all season long! I followed my friend Jen’s suggestions:

  1. Wash pumpkins with dish soap
  2. Spritz with bleach water and allow to sit for a few minutes
  3. Rinse pumpkins and allow to dry
  4. Spray with matte sealer to protect from moisture
assorted orange and pink pumpkins

I had glossy sealer on hand which is why mine look shiny. Stay tuned for an update on how the pumpkins lasted!

Update: The pumpkins lasted so well and were still in great shape for Halloween!

Decorating a Fall Porch With Cinderella Pumpkins

Here are some tips for styling a fall porch with cinderella pumpkins!

Step 1: Refresh Your Doormat for Fall

layered doormats for a cozy fall front porch

First, this is a good time of year to refresh your doormat, if yours is looking worn out or faded after summer. Many are only $10-12 and instantly make your porch feel happy and welcoming again. I picked this pinecone coir doormat (no longer available, but this one is cute) because it will transition into the holiday season and I like the contrast of the pattern. I’ve had the geometric indoor/outdoor rug for a year and it is still in perfect condition! Layering rugs is a great way to add extra coziness.

Step 2: Add Mums in Baskets or Planters

basket planter with mum, small orange pumpkin

Second, add a few seasonal plants. Mums are an easy choice, as you’ll find them at most stores and they are very affordable. You could also use small evergreen bushes (here is a faux option), grasses, or ornamental cabbage or kale. Pop them in some planters for added texture. Just don’t forget to water! I just purchased these seagrass basket planters and love that they have a plastic lining to protect them.

Step 3: Layer or Stack Cinderella Pumpkins

colorful pumpkins on front porch, basket planter with white mum, fall porch decor

Now is the time to add your pumpkins! Try to vary the heights and colors for a casual look. As I mentioned above, I mixed cinderella pumpkins and traditional pumpkins to achieve this look while staying on budget. One of my favorite things about fall porch decor is that it looks best (in my opinion) when it isn’t too perfect. No need to match both sides of the porch! Use faux cinderella pumpkins if you cannot find real ones.

Step 4: Finish the Look with Wreaths, Pillows, and Throws

fall front porch decor with autumn wreath, colorful pumpkins, fall pillows, outdoor chairs, layered rugs

Finally, finish off the look with an autumn wreath, pillows, and a cozy throw if you have chairs on your porch. If you do not have chairs, add height with a few large planters and topiaries or dried cornstalks on either side.

I hope this post was inspiring if you are planning a fall porch with cinderella pumpkins. If you go pumpkin hunting, let me know below where you found the best ones! XO,

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