Welcome friends! Today I’m excited to share a bedroom refresh with you, in partnership with one of my favorite brands–Serena and Lily. Our primary bedroom has been long term project and I have added pieces slowly and intentionally to create a place where we can relax. After the last year, I feel that we appreciate it more than ever! Today I’ll talk about the concept of a bedroom retreat at home, share my design decisions, and give tips for creating your own haven to escape to at the end of the day. If you love muted tones, cozy layers, and linen bedding, this post is for you!

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What is a Bedroom Retreat?

bedroom retreat ideas, bedroom with beige linen duvet cover, long landscape painting, Flynn single wall sconce with wicker shade

Since we moved into our home four years ago, I have enjoyed creating a beautiful and functional space for our family. When it comes to our bedrooms, we may be tempted to think–no one sees this space, so why invest in it? But I have found that our bedroom gives me a place to escape, to sip tea and read a book, and to let go of the stresses of the day.

This space has evolved along with my personal taste–above are a few past iterations. Recently, I have wanted to complete the room by updating our quilt and duvet cover. A while back we added linen bedding to our guest room, and I have been jealous of our guests ever since! That is where this refresh begins…

Begin with Quality Bedding

bedroom retreat ideas, neutral bedroom with charcoal upholstered headboard, linen duvet cover, rattan wall sconces, faux olive tree, beige ivied medallion rug

Both casual and luxurious, linen is perfect for a bedroom retreat. I decided to go with Serena and Lily’s Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover in Flax Chambray (size king) as well as three of the Cavallo Euro Shams. The European linen is soft and beautiful, and euro pillows work great as backrests when relaxing. For reference, our bed is a king.

bedroom retreat ideas, sutter linen quilt, Serena and lily bedding, beige ivied medallion rug, charcoal upholstered headboard, neutral bedroom

We enjoy having a duvet for colder nights, but generally use a quilt for sleeping. The Sutter Linen Quilt is a piece I have had my eye on for a while because of the gorgeous quilted texture and generous size. It is breathable yet cozy, with linen on one side, and cotton on the other.

bedroom retreat ideas, Sutter linen quilt, Cavallo linen duvet cover, Cayucos pillow cover, neutral bedroom styling

In terms of a color palette, I decided to use white and natural linen to contrast with our charcoal headboard, but all of these pieces are available in other colors as well. I love the soft hues that set the tone for a calming space!

A few more Serena and Lily bedding favorites:

Complete the Look with Cozy Layers

bedroom retreat ideas, Sutter linen quilt, Cavallo linen duvet cover, Cayucos pillow cover, neutral bedroom styling

Now for decorative pillows! I used two Cayucos Pillow Covers in Sky/Ivory. They are the subtlest blue with dainty tassels that add an unexpected touch. For a finishing touch, I layered Serena and Lily’s Beachcomber Throw in Fog over the duvet. Together, the muted tones and relaxed linen create a calming space.

Serena and lily pillows, cayucos, Flynn single wall sconce with wicker shade

How to Create a Bedroom Retreat at Home

bedroom retreat ideas, bedroom with beige linen duvet cover, long landscape painting, Flynn single wall sconce with wicker shade, beachcomber cotton throw

Here are few tips for creating your own bedroom retreat!

  1. Choose a color palette that helps your relax. For me, this meant neutrals and subtle hues.
  2. Invest in quality bedding. Linen is a great natural fiber that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and only gets softer with washes.
  3. Layer pillows and throws for a cozy look. I like to fold my duvet down twice so it looks extra fluffy, toss a blanket over the end, and include different pillow sizes for relaxing.
Cayucos linen pillow cover, beachcomber cotton throw, Flynn single wall sconce with wicker shade

Our bedroom retreat is a testament to the idea that “home takes time.” It took four years, but I feel that we have created the space I dreamed of from the beginning. Be sure to check out Serena and Lily for casual and luxurious bedding for your own haven! And stay tuned, because next week I’ll be sharing the opposite wall with our dresser and desk nook. XO,

Caitlin written in script

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    1. Hi Danielle! Here is the link to the landscape art. I had it printed on a 55″ x 22″ canvas from Canvas on Demand. You can’t get the exact size anymore but you can order a similar “pano canvas” here. Hope that helps!

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