Welcome to Week 7 of the One Room Challenge! It is hard to believe this is our final update before the big reveal. This week I tackled the curtains in our dining room. While I love the look of custom pinch pleat drapes, they were just not in my budget for this project. Instead, I repurposed our existing IKEA RITVA curtains with rings, hooks, and a new rod to create a high end look for a fraction of the cost. Sharing all of the details below, in case you would like to do something similar!

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Custom Drapery Inspiration

Here are a few inspiration photos featuring beautiful pinch pleats curtains:

  1. Pure Salt Interiors
  2. Studio McGee

While I love this look (sooo much), custom drapes are pricey. I set out to create a similar look on a budget.

IKEA Curtains, Rings, Hooks, and Rod

Make IKEA RIVTA Curtains Look Like Custom Drapes | curtain rings, high end look, pleated curtains, budget friendly home decor, One Room Challenge

Here are the IKEA products I used:

(I used three BETYDLIG ceiling brackets, 22 SYRLIG curtain rings, and 22 RIKTIG curtain hooks.)

Important: If I wanted these curtains to be functional, I would need four curtain panels instead of two in order to cover the window. However, I am planning to add a woven wood shade, so the curtains will be stationary.

In addition, keep in mind that if your curtains do not have pleating tape on the back, you will need rings with clips. I have linked both types of rings below.

I had all of these products shipped to me, but if you do not live near an IKEA or they do not ship to your location, here are some products that you could use to create a similar look.

Prepping the Curtains and Rings


We recently added this same combination of IKEA RITVA curtains, rings, and hooks to our living room, so I had some experience prepping the curtains.

If you look at the back of the SYRLIG curtain ring bag, there are images that show three ways to use the rings. I followed the image that shows the RIKTIG hooks. The image shows creating pleats between the existing back tabs on the curtains. Looking at the two pictures below, you can see that I attached the RIKTIG hook to one side, near a back tab, and then created a pleat and attached the hook near the adjacent back tab.

I also placed one hook near each end of the panel, as you can see below.

Make IKEA RIVTA Curtains Look Like Custom Drapes | curtain rings, high end look, pleated curtains, budget friendly home decor, One Room Challenge

This step can be a bit frustrating, as the hooks tend to slip out when you move the curtains. However, I believe it is easier than trying the add the hooks later!


You will also want to prep 22 SYRLIG rings. Attach the included small black hooks to the rings, then slide the rings onto the rod. (You will not need the hooks with the clips on them, these are for curtains without pleating tape.)

Hanging IKEA RITVA Curtains

There may be other strategies, but I chose to hang my curtain rod (with the rings on it) before connecting the curtains.

Since this is a double width window, I used three brackets, one in the center and one at each end, about 10″ out from the edge of the window. I hung the brackets just below our crown molding. The top of each bracket is about 98 3/4″ from the floor (9 foot ceilings). My curtains are touching the floor just a bit, so if you want to prevent that, try 99″.

Make IKEA RIVTA Curtains Look Like Custom Drapes | curtain rings, high end look, pleated curtains, budget friendly home decor, One Room Challenge

Attaching the curtains can be a bit tricky. I started with one end of the panel and worked towards the other end. Sometimes a hook would pop off and I would have the fix it. There is a reason this is budget friendly 😉 But you can do it!

IKEA RITVA Curtains for a High End Look

close up
IKEA RITVA curtains in neutral dining room
Ikea Ritva pleated curtains, curtain rings, high end look, pleated curtains, budget friendly home decor, One Room Challenge

Here is the final look! What do you think? Not quite custom, but I’m really happy with this budget-friendly update. I may paint the center bracket the same color as the wall so it blends in, what do you think?

New Post

Pinch Pleat Drapes from Amazon

The best affordable pinch pleat drapes–no DIY pleating required! These pinch pleat Amazon curtains are custom made and come in a variety of colors.

Here’s a look a what I have left to do for this room makeover:

  • Remove existing curtain rods and patch walls
  • Repaint blue wall
  • Add board and batten
  • DIY black vintage vase
  • Reorganize toys
  • Restyle toy storage bookshelf
  • Add vintage rug
  • Install new curtain rod and curtains
  • Install new light fixture
  • Replace chairs
  • Add artwork
  • Style the space!

Our light fixture will be installed tomorrow morning, and the artwork should arrive in the afternoon. I’m hoping that the chairs arrive on time! Thanks so much for the support friends! Leave me a comment below and tell me, what little update has made a big difference in your home?

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  1. Thanks. I have the regular style hooks and then ordered the Ikea Pleat hooks (like your pics–I have the different hooks for the loops). I have been afraid to take this switch over. But this tutorial has helped me a lot.

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! 🙂

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