A while back I shared a reel of our spice cabinet makeover. I decided to decant our seasonings and spices into matching glass and bamboo spice jars! It took a bit of work but it is a little thing that makes me so happy whenever I am cooking or baking. For me, that is what intentional organizing is all about. I found the best spice jars with bamboo lids from Amazon! They even came with minimalist spice labels which are perfect for an aesthetic kitchen. Keep reading for organization tips and spice cabinet inspiration for 2023!

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Glass Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids

glass and bamboo spice jars with minimalist spice labels, 4 oz spice jars, aesthetic spice cabinet

To start, I purchased this set of 4 oz spice jars with bamboo lids. I ordered the set of 36 jars, but there is also a set of 24. After comparing several options on Amazon, I chose these spice jars because they come with optional shaker tops. More details on the functionality below!

glass and bamboo spice jar set from amazon 2023

In terms of aesthetics, glass and bamboo spice jars add a cozy vibe to your kitchen. The warm tone of the lids is a nice contrast to the modern jars and labels. I researched options with gold or silver lids but felt that these fit our kitchen the best. I will share more options at the bottom of this post.

Minimalist Spice Labels

large white minimalist spice labels, alphabetical spices

The spice jar set also includes three types of labels to choose from! There are round labels, calligraphy style labels, and finally the minimalist spice labels that I decided to use. I like that they are easy to read, water resistant, and organized alphabetically with numbers.

The numbers on the labels correspond to a list of the spices that you can hang inside of your spice cabinet! This makes it easy to find the spice or seasoning you need quickly.

applying minimalist spice labels stickers

I decided to align my minimalist spice labels at the top of the jar. This makes it easier to read the label if you are using a tiered shelf for spices.

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How to Decant Spices and Seasonings

how to decant spices and seasonings, pour spices into new containers with funnel

The spice jar set I purchased came with a funnel to help decant the spices and seasonings from their original containers. However, I’ll admit that I didn’t end up using it because I would have had to wash it each time.

Instead, I simply poured the spices from the old to new jar over the sink, which worked just fine!

As I mentioned above, these glass and bamboo spice jars come with shaker tops. This was a selling point for me as someone who, admittedly, does not always measure 😉 There is also a section of the top that pops open for pouring.

However, if you always use a measuring spoon you can omit the shaker inserts.

minimalist spice labels

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Tada! So cute right? Matching spice jars are definitely “extra” but they make me happy.

Best Expiration Date Labels for Spice Jars

small expiration date labels

We go through some spices quickly, but others will be around for a while! To keep track of things, I purchased these expiration date labels. They coordinate well with the minimalist spice labels and fit well on the backs of the jars. Just use a fine tip permanent marker to record the spice expiration date.

Tiered Organizer for Spices

glass and bamboo jars

Next, I already had these tiered shelves for spice jars. Unfortunately you cannot easily read the labels from the back rows, although the number is visible. I may try out another option and update this post soon!

modern spice jars with bamboo lids 2023

Still, these shelves are affordable and a great option if you have a small cabinet space. If you keep the spices alphabetized, it would be easy enough to find them by looking at the spice list that comes with the set.

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Aesthetic Kitchen Spice Cabinet

aesthetic spice cabinet

Finally, here is our aesthetic and organized spice cabinet! The matching jars made such a difference and I cannot get over the cute labels.

organized spices and baking essentials

I ended up organizing my spice refills, baking supplies, and cookings oils on the shelf above the spice organizer. I used these labels that I had leftover from our DIY pantry makeover! What do you think?

How to Organize Spices in a Cabinet

If you are organizing your spices in a cupboard or cabinet, here are some tips!

  1. Audit your spices. Toss expired spices and don’t hold onto items that you won’t use.
  2. Decant spices into matching jars. This is optional, but I shared tips above if you are interested!
  3. Apply matching spice labels. Again, optional, but if you’re reading this post you probably want to 😉
  4. Measure your cabinet. This will help you choose a suitable spice rack or tiered organizer. More options below!
  5. Decide how to organize your spices. I decided to put our most used spices in front, but you can also organize spices alphabetically or by category.
  6. Set reminders. Make a plan to go through your spices every so often and keep things organized.

More Spice Jars and Organizers

Browse even more options below!

4 oz Glass Spice Jars

Large Spice Jars

Spice Cabinet Organizer Finds

Spice Drawer Organizer Inserts

Pull Out Spice Rack Finds

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I hope you found this post helpful if you are looking for the best spice jars for an aesthetic kitchen! How do you organize spices and seasonings? XO,

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