Looking for ways to keep the toy clutter under control? This is the post for you! I’ll be sharing the best playroom storage ideas for 2024 including sliding bins, cube organizers, lidded baskets, and more. Best of all? These toy storage solutions can be used throughout your home if you do not have a dedicated playroom. Scroll down for organized toy inspiration and links to my favorite products.

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Best Playroom Storage Shelves With Sliding Bins

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | sliding storage shelf for toys, felt sliding bin from Target, gold clip-on bin labels

First up, sliding bin shelves. They are one of the best playroom storage solutions! Kids can easily access the bins and see what is inside. Short bins (similar to the ones pictured above) hold just the right amount of blocks or coloring books. You can also purchase tall bins for larger toys.

playroom organization, sliding storage bin shelf, felt bin, gold clip on label holder

I recently did a kids’ closet makeover with sliding bins to hold toys and craft supplies. I used shelves and felt bins (no longer available but these are similar) from Target that would be perfect for playroom storage. My kids can easily remove the bins and carry them to the table for a project. Clip-on bin tags make it easy to keep the bins organized!

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | Ikea trofast sliding bin toy storage, neutral playroom decor

I also used sliding bin shelves in my son’s room for organizing Legos. This is the IKEA Trofast system, but in case you do not have access to an IKEA, here is a similar option from Target.

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | kids room with lego storage

In this case I used adhesive clear label pocket holders and printed labels for each type of Lego set. Alternatively, you could use blank business cards as labels. Sliding bins are so versatile and make some of the best playroom storage.

Shop even more options below!

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Best Playroom Storage Cube Organizers

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | white cube organizer for toys with white fabric bins

Cube organizer shelves are another great option for organizing toys in a playroom or kids’ bedroom. They often come in two sizes: 11″ cubes or 13″ cubes. Personally I love the 13″ cube organizer from Walmart and have used it throughout our home in different colors. Here is one styled in my daughter’s room!

white cube organizer for toys with white fabric bins

One thing I love about a cube storage shelf is that it has a more subtle, minimalist look. These shelves are perfect for a playroom, but can also be used in a kids’ room, living room, or dining room (as shown below!). Here are my exact white fabric cube bins from Walmart, and a similar option from Amazon.

Wood tone cube organizer with white fabric cube bins and organic modern decor, eucalyptus branches, how to hide toys in a living room or dining room

When my kids were younger, our dining room doubled as a playroom so that I could keep an eye on the kids more easily. A wood toned cube organizer (color: natural) made the best playroom storage at the time because it blended in with my decor and kept the toys hidden yet organized.

Shop more cube organizers and bins below:

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Mesh Zipper Pouches for Playroom Storage

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | Amazon mesh zipper pouches for Lego sets and small toys

Now for another playroom storage favorite: these mesh zipper pouches from Amazon! If you need to organize smaller toys or Legos, they are the perfect solution. In the past I tried using gallon ziplock bags, but the pouches are much sturdier and easy for kids to use. Here is a similar set that includes label pockets and labels.

how to organize small toys, puzzles, and lego sets with mesh zipper pouches

Mesh zipper pouches are one of the best playroom storage solutions! Use them for:

  1. Puzzles
  2. Art supplies
  3. Train tracks
  4. Doll accessories
  5. Playing cards
  6. Jewelry supplies
  7. Lego sets
  8. Polly Pockets
  9. Hot Wheels
  10. Calico Critters

Playroom Closet Hanging Pocket Organizer

over the door hanging pocket organizer for toys and art supplies

Another great hack for playroom storage: use an over-the-door hanging organizer. In the photo above, you can see that I used one to hold art supplies and card games. This is also one of the best storage ideas for Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, and dress up accessories.

Here are some more hanging pocket organizers to consider:

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Best Lidded Baskets for Playroom Storage

Best Playroom Storage and Organizing Ideas | lidded seagrass baskets for toys

Finally, sometimes you just need a catchall for toys that always end up on the floor. This is where lidded baskets are your friends! Keep a few nearby for stuffed animals, dress up clothes, or extra large blocks.

lidded seagrass baskets for toys

Lidded baskets are one of the best playroom storage ideas. They are also perfect for any room in your home that you want to tidy quickly at the end of the day. In the photo above, I used two at the end of a bed for extra blankets.

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Best Playroom Organizers and Bins for 2024

I hope you found this post inspiring if you are on the hunt for the best playroom storage! Here are even more organizers, containers, and baskets to browse:

Let me know which find is your favorite in the comments below! And tell me… did I miss any of your favorite playroom organizing ideas?

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