One of my organizing goals this year was to invest in pantry storage containers. I was tired of rummaging through bins only to realize we were out of something, again! If you love the look of an aesthetic pantry with matching labels and food storage containers, this post is for you.

I’ll be sharing the best types of containers (including volume and how much they hold) for pantry staples such as cereal, crackers, pretzels, oats, nuts, flour, and sugar. I also found the perfect organizers for granola bars, canned goods, and kids’ snacks. Ready to ditch the cardboard boxes and create a Pinterest-worthy pantry? Let’s do this.

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What I Ordered: Pantry Storage Sets

After doing lots of research, I chose the following containers and bins for our pantry. I purchased sets since they offer the best value.

The total cost of our pantry storage containers was $540 before tax. I always have both budget and functionality in mind, and I think these strike a good balance. I chose items that are sturdy and highly rated because I plan to use them for years to come.

Best Cereal Container for a Pantry

best pantry storage containers and organizers, oxo cereal dispensers, airtight food containers

Let’s get started with one of the most popular snacks in our pantry: cereal! Do anyone else’s kids want to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? We usually have quite a variety on hand, and the cardboard boxes and plastic bags were driving me a little crazy. After researching pantry storage containers for cereal I decided to go with OXO dispensers.

The OXO dispenser is a great cereal container because it is easy to hold, pop open, and pour with one hand. My kids need to use two hands, but they can easily pour the cereal themselves which is a major plus!

best pantry storage containers and organizers, OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Large Cereal Dispenser (4.5 Qt)

In the first photo above you can see that I purchased two different sizes of the OXO cereal dispenser. The large dispenser (4.5 qt) is better for bulk or “giant size” cereal boxes (over 20 oz net weight). At our house we use these for Cheerios and the ever popular Reeses Puffs.

best pantry storage containers and organizers, OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Cereal Dispenser Set, airtight food containers

The medium dispenser (3.4 qt) comes in a 3-pack which is a great deal. These will hold any regular sized cereal box and some “family sized” boxes (around 18 oz net weight) depending on how dense the cereal is. We use them for Raisin Bran, Oatmeal Squares, Chex, and granola.

OXO also makes a small dispenser (2.5 qt) that is specifically for granola but I didn’t purchase one. I figured the medium size would be more versatile, and they are also a better deal as a 3-pack.

Best Snack Organizer for a Pantry

best snack organizer for pantry, granola bar organizer bin from Amazon, best pantry storage containers and organizers

I love decanting granola bars because it is easy to grab and go, and you can see how many snacks you have left on shopping days. This divided bin from Amazon is the perfect solution! You could also use it as a snack organizer for other items like applesauce pouches or single portion bags of crackers or nuts.

best snack organizer for pantry, granola bar organizer bin

Here is a side view–you can see that the snack organizer has four sections. Each section of the bin holds four to six granola bars easily depending on the size.

Best Pantry Storage Containers for Snacks

best pantry storage containers and organizers, best airtight food containers with lids for pantry snacks, crackers and pretzels

Next up, the best pantry storage containers for pretzels and crackers! You’ll be seeing a lot of the Rubbermaid Brilliance containers from here on out.

I used the 6.6 cup size for medium bags of crackers and pretzels (around 6 oz net weight). The 8.1 cup size container, which is technically for spaghetti, held four sleeves of Ritz crackers and a larger bag of pretzels (8 oz net weight).

Tip: Gluten Free Labels

My husband has Celiac disease so we needed extra gluten free labels. I ordered two sets of labels and cut out the words “gluten free” from the additional labels. Alternatively, if you have a label maker you could create your own!

Containers for Nuts, Trail Mix, and Dried Fruit

best airtight food containers with lids for nuts and trail mix

We eat a lot of peanuts and trail mix for snacks, so I used two of the 7.8 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for them. They easily hold two medium bags (28 oz total net weight) of trail mix or peanuts. I also included two of the scoops that came with the container set to make portioning easy.

best pantry storage containers and organizers, stack of rubbermaid brilliance food storage containers for nuts and dried fruit

Here are some of the smaller Rubbermaid Brilliance containers. The 3.2 cup size is great for medium bags (around 12 oz net weight) of walnuts, pecans, and raisins. The smallest 1.3 cup container works for small bags of seeds and dried fruit. You can see in this photo that I cut the labels to fit the small containers.

Best Flour Storage Containers for a Pantry

best flour storage containers for pantry, Rubbermaid 31-Piece Brilliance Food Storage Containers for Pantry with Lids

Next up, baking essentials. I used two 12 cup and two 7.8 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for almond flour, oat flour, tapioca flour, and coconut flour. They are perfect flour storage containers for a pantry! We don’t have all-purpose flour on hand, but if we did I would use the 16 cup container (the largest size).

Side note: my label set did not include “oat flour” so I combined two other labels to create one!

Best Sugar Storage Containers for a Pantry

best sugar storage containers for pantry, brown sugar saver, powdered sugar container

Now that we covered flour, here are the pantry storage containers I decided to use for sugar.

I already had this 1.5 quart (6 cup) brown sugar container, but you could also use a 7.8 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance container like I did for powdered sugar. The larger 12 cup container is great for storing regular granulated sugar.

Oatmeal and Old Fashioned Oats Containers

best airtight food containers for oats and oatmeal

Here is the largest Rubbermaid Brilliance container–the 16 cup size! It works great for the big tubs (42 oz net weight) of quick oats or oatmeal which my kiddos love for breakfast. The 12 cup size is perfect for the old fashioned oats that we use for baking.

Pantry Storage Containers for Baking Essentials

best containers for storing chocolate chips and cocoa powder

Finishing up pantry storage containers for baking essentials, the 7.8 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers are perfect for chocolate chips and cocoa powder. You can easily fit two bags of chocolate chips (24 oz total net weight) or two tins of cocoa powder (16 oz total net weight).

best containers for baking essentials

Finally, I used my remaining two 6.6 cup containers for a few miscellaneous baking items that we had on hand–coconut sugar and gluten free pecans. Tip: I wouldn’t use this tall container shape for anything powdery, as it would be hard to reach down inside without making a mess.

Pantry Can Organizer

best pantry can organizer, the home edit tiered acrylic organizer for cans in pantry, canned food pantry storage shelves for canned goods

Stepping back from food storage containers for a minute, I wanted to share the tiered organizer that I used to store canned goods. This is a perfect pantry can organizer that would also work for spice jars. It is from The Home Edit line at Walmart which is both affordable and high quality.

best pantry can organizer, the home edit tiered acrylic organizer for cans in pantry, canned food pantry storage shelves for canned goods

Here is a view from the side. The organizer fits standard 15 oz cans perfectly.

Best Pasta Storage Containers for a Pantry

how to keep boxed pasta organized in your pantry, kids mac n cheese in clear acrylic bin

I mentioned earlier that my husband has Celiac disease, so we don’t eat much pasta. But if we did, I would use the tall 8.1 cup and 6.6 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers as shown above for crackers and pretzels.

My kids do eat pasta and Annie’s mac-and-cheese is their favorite. I used a clear bin from The Home Edit’s pantry set which is perfect for boxed pasta. The bin is a 10 in x 10 in square, so you can fit another row of boxes or other types of pasta behind this row.

Best Protein Powder Storage Container

best protein powder storage container, airtight food storage container

Since I didn’t need the largest 16 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance container for all-purpose flour, I used it to store our protein powder. A large tub of protein powder fits inside (22 oz net weight).

Pantry Storage Containers for Candy and Chocolate

airtight containers for candy and chocolate, bin for other treats

Here are my last two Rubbermaid Brilliance containers! I used the 7.8 cup size for mini chocolates and the 3.2 cup size for our favorite dark chocolate bars. Finally, a narrow bin corrals any miscellaneous treats and candies.

Kids Snack Organizer for a Pantry

best snack organizer for a pantry, best pantry storage containers and organizers, stackable bins for pantry, easy access kid snacks

I think that looking ahead to summer break made me choose The Home Edit stackable open front bins for kids snacks! I wanted a snack organizer that kept everything organized and easy to see. The bins are a great storage solution for fruit cups, fruit snacks, and individual bags of crackers or chips. They also make packing school lunches easy.

Best Pantry Storage Baskets for Refills

best pantry storage baskets for refills, mdesign woven basket for pantry refills and extras, gold bin clip labels

Finally, I ordered this set of three woven baskets to use for miscellaneous pantry items and refills. I already shared the teabag organizer we keep in a kitchen drawer in this post. For the pantry, I used a woven basket for the tea bag refills.

best pantry storage baskets for refills, mdesign woven basket for pantry refills and extras, gold bin clip labels

Woven baskets are also great for miscellaneous items that you do not want to decant. I’m using this one for marshmallows and store-bought cookies.

And that is every pantry storage container I purchased for our pantry makeover! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below, and don’t miss these additional pantry posts:

Happy organizing,

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