I recently shared an easy rug size guide, so today I wanted to post a follow up with my honest Loloi rugs review! You have probably come across the famous Layla Olive Charcoal rug, or the Chris Loves Julia Loloi rugs. Loloi’s popular printed rugs offer a vintage look at a fraction of the cost. But Loloi also carries heirloom quality rugs made of natural fibers such as wool and jute, plus the softest rugs made with CloudPile technology. Keep reading for my review and finally, a roundup of the best Loloi rugs!

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What Are Loloi Rugs?

loloi layla olive charcoal rug in neutral bedroom, best loloi rugs review, coastal modern decor, brass wall sconces
Layla Olive Charcoal Rug (7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″)

Loloi is a rug brand that offers beautiful rugs at every price point. If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest in the last few years, you have probably seen their vintage-look printed rugs that have taken the design world by storm! These rugs are on trend and budget friendly because of the way the pattern is printed on an affordable power loomed rug.

Loloi is all about creating a thoughtfully layered home. Their rugs fit with any design style such as farmhouse, coastal, modern, traditional, and boho. If you are shopping for an area rug, you’ll definitely come across Loloi rugs online!

Where to Buy Loloi Rugs?

checkered dining room rug, checkerboard rug, vintage tree wall art, classic dining room decor, black dining chairs
Chris Loves Julia Francis Checkered Rug (7′ 9″ x 9′ 9″)

Loloi rugs are available from many online retailers including Rugs Direct, Wayfair, and Amazon. I usually order from Rugs Direct because they often run sales and their website is easy to navigate. I will link to Rugs Direct throughout this post for consistency, but you can always compare pricing before ordering!

Loloi vs. Loloi II

best loloi rugs review, wynter grey charcoal printed rug, twopages amazon pinch pleat drapes
Wynter Grey Charcoal Rug (8′ 6″ x 11′ 6″)

While browsing Loloi rugs online, you may come across the distinction between Loloi rugs and Loloi II rugs. Basically, Loloi II rugs tend to have a lower price point because they are machine made (power loomed) rather than handmade (hand woven, tufted, loomed, or hooked).

If you are looking for a handmade, heirloom quality rug, you will probably end up choosing a Loloi rug. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, you will probably end up choosing a Loloi II rug. The distinction is not all that important when searching online, and it is generally easier to filter search results by material or rug making technique if you are looking for something specific.

Loloi Rugs Designer Collaborations

best loloi rugs review, cloudpile morgan rug
Morgan Denim Multi Rug (8′ 3″ X 11′ 3″)

Over the last few years Loloi has partnered with many interior designers for curated collections. Tap on the links below to explore each one!

  1. Chris Loves Julia For the homebody in everybody.
  2. Amber Lewis Refined design for laid-back living.
  3. Magnolia Home Fresh yet familiar, casual yet refined.
  4. Rifle Paper Co. Florals forever.
  5. Justina Blakeney Wild and wonderful, bold and bohemian.
  6. Angela Rose Design with optimism.
  7. Jean Stoffer Classic design for establishing home.
  8. Ellen DeGeneres Simple, sophisticated, iconic.

Loloi Rugs Review and Styled Photos

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, I’m going to share all of the rugs we have in our home and my honest Loloi rugs review!

Loloi Layla Olive Charcoal Review

loloi layla olive charcoal rug in neutral bedroom, best loloi rugs review, coastal modern decor, brass wall sconces

Rug Details

  • LAY-03 Olive / Charcoal
  • Loloi II
  • Power Loomed
  • 100% Polyester Face
  • Made in China

Perhaps the most famous Loloi rug of all, the Layla Olive Charcoal rug is a “chameleon” rug that can look very different based on your room, lighting, and color palette. I would say the main colors are olive, gold, charcoal, and burgundy, but there are also pops of terracotta and forest green. In the photo above I styled the size 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ under a queen bed in our guest room with bright white bedding and cool toned pillows.

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cozy bedding in guest room, flannel duvet cover, earth tones, vintage look rug, dark wood nightstands, Serena and Lily, coastal artwork

Here is another photo of our guest room styled with warm toned bedding! You can see that the Layla Olive Charcoal works with cool or warm tones and it really depends on how you dress it up.

Important note: The Layla Olive Charcoal rug is lighter on one side, fading to darker on the other side, so it can appear different based on which direction you lay the rug in your room.

best loloi rugs review, loloi layla olive charcoal rug honest review photo
bedroom with layla olive charcoal rug

The Layla Olive Charcoal rug is meant to mimic the style of a vintage rug with a distressed look. The pattern is printed on a polyester power loomed rug which makes it affordable. It is a flat, low pile rug that is easy to clean, great for high traffic areas, and the corners stay down. I love this rug and would highly recommend it!

Loloi Wynter Grey Charcoal Review

Loloi Wynter grey charcoal area rug, twopages amazon pinch pleat drapes

Rug Details

  • WYN-07 Grey / Charcoal
  • Loloi II
  • Power Loomed
  • 100% Polyester Face
  • Made in Egypt

Secondly, we have had the Loloi Wynter Grey Charcoal rug (size 8′ 6″ x 11′ 6″) in our living room for a few years now and I cannot say enough good things about it. The flat, low pile construction is very similar to the Layla rug. The Wynter has a little more texture to make it look like a real vintage rug, but it is still so easy to clean and maintain. It also features both warm and cool tones which allows it to blend with a variety of decor styles. In the photo above, I styled it with a light colored coffee table.

round coffee table decor, organic modern living room decor

The predominant color of the Wynter Grey Charcoal rug reads a little more navy than charcoal in my opinion, but it is balanced well by beige and terracotta tones so it doesn’t feel too cool. Here is a photo with our current white sofa, linen chairs, and dark wood coffee table. It is another “chameleon” rug that can be dressed up with so many colors!

Loloi Francis Checkered Rug Review

checkered dining room rug, loloi francis rug chris loves julia, checkerboard rug, vintage tree wall art, classic dining room decor, black dining chairs

Rug Details

  • FRA-01 CJ Beige / Charcoal
  • Chris Loves Julia x Loloi
  • Hooked
  • 100% Wool Pile
  • Made in India

Late last year I ordered the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Francis Beige Charcoal rug for our dining room (size 7′ 9″ x 9′ 9″). The checker pattern looks high end and classic, and I know we will be enjoying this rug for years to come since it is so durable.

Because of the wool construction, the Francis rug sheds a little, but it works well for our dining room which is not as high traffic as a living room. I vacuum every few days which takes care of any loose fibers. Overall, I love it and you cannot beat the price for a wool rug.

Loloi Morgan Rug with CloudPile Review

amber lewis loloi morgan rug, cloudpile rug, best loloi rugs review, charcoal headboard

Rug Details

  • MOG-03 AL Denim / Multi
  • Amber Lewis x Loloi
  • Power Loomed
  • 100% Polyester Pile
  • Made in China

The Amber Lewis x Loloi Morgan Denim Multi rug is a newer addition to our primary bedroom (size 8′ 3″ X 11′ 3″). This was my first Loloi rug with their “CloudPile technology” and it is truly the softest rug I have owned. It gives the look of a vintage rug but feels luxurious underfoot.

We have had this rug for about seven months and I will say that it is a little less soft than when we first got it, but not much. Most polyester pile rugs I have had in the past would have looked matted down by now, but the Morgan still looks and feels great. I even purchased another Loloi CloudPile rug for our loft! (I still need to take photos but I will update this post when I do.)

Loloi Hathaway Blush Rug Review

loloi hathaway rug review

Rug Details

  • HTH-06 Blush / Multi 
  • Loloi II
  • Power Loomed
  • 100% Polyester Face
  • Made in China

Finally, the last Loloi rug that we have in our home is the Hathaway Blush Multi. This is another flat, printed rug just like the Layla that is super affordable and easy to clean. I ordered it for my daughter’s big girl room makeover a few years back and it still looks the same as the day I bought it! I will say that the blush color is more muted than the product photo. If you want a bright floral rug, check out the Rifle Paper Co. collection!

Favorite Loloi Rugs Roundup

Browse more of my favorite Loloi rugs below!

Loloi Rugs

Loloi II Rugs

Chris Loves Julia Rugs

Amber Lewis Rugs

Magnolia Home Rugs

Rifle Paper Co. Rugs

Justina Blakeney Rugs

Angela Rose Rugs

In conclusion, I hope you found this Loloi rugs review helpful if you are searching for the perfect rug for your space. Leave any questions you may have in the comments below so I can get back to you! Or, tap for more decor finds and reviews.

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  1. Great article! I am trying to figure out a Loloi flatter weave rug that will go with my olive green bed! I have the Olive/Charcoal Layla in my dining room. I have the Skye rug in blush in my office, I love both of those. It is sssoo tough to pic, curious if you have a suggestions! I also usually have white or terracotta for our bedding and a lot of BLACK accents in our room.

    1. Hi Amanda! I love the challenge of choosing the perfect rug, thanks for the comment! If you want to go with darker green tones, I would try the Layla in Antique Moss. It is similar to the Olive/Charcoal but slightly different pattern and colors. For a lighter neutral look, I like the Georgie in Ocean/Sand which has tones of “beige, ivory, teal, charcoal, brown, and green.” It would pair especially well with the terracotta bedding. Hope that helps!

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