Searching for the perfect artificial tree for an empty corner? Try a faux olive tree! While fiddle leaf fig trees are a popular choice, olive trees are perhaps the most versatile. The airy branches and silver green leaves add a subtle organic touch to any room. We have two fake olives trees in our home and I’m convinced they will work with every home decor style! Scroll down for a roundup of the best faux olive trees for your budget and space.

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Faux Olive Trees vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

A few years back the fiddle leaf fig was the faux tree of choice. A fiddle is a great choice for some spaces, especially boho or minimalist decor styles. However, the large leaves and bright green color can easily overwhelm a room.

Recently, faux olive trees have gained popularity, and with good reason! The small, silver green leaves have an understated beauty that blends with any decor style. Olive trees may also have brown or green olives that add additional texture and interest. To sum up, an olive tree adds an organic element to your space without yelling for attention.

best faux olive for any budget, fake olive tree for living room corner, artificial olive tree, affordable home decor

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What Size Artificial Olive Tree Is Best?

Faux olive trees come in a variety of sizes to suit your room. In addition to choosing the height of the tree, you can also choose whether you prefer a narrow or full look. Be sure to choose a tree to match the scale of your space.

For a large, open concept living room, I like to choose an artificial tree that is at least 7 ft tall. You can go even taller if you have 9 ft or higher ceilings. In addition, large spaces can accommodate a full tree with lots of branches.

For a smaller living room, bedroom, or office, I would choose an artificial tree that is at least 6 ft tall. In this case, a narrow tree with sparse branches may be a better fit.

Artificial Olive Tree for a Living Room

living room with tree in corner

Here is an example of a large faux olive tree in our living room! For reference, the ceiling here is 9 ft tall. So, I chose the tallest version of this tree (96″) to really fill out the corner. The branches drape in such a beautiful way, and the leaves look realistic.

Faux Olive Tree for a Bedroom Corner

cozy bedroom decor with fake olive tree in corner

Secondly, here is a narrower 82″ fake olive tree in our bedroom. For reference, the ceiling is 8 ft tall. This one has a more sparse look that adds a light and airy tone to the space. It also comes in at a budget friendly price point!

faux olive tree in corner of bedroom

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The Best Faux Olive Trees for Any Budget (2024)

Finally, if you want to compare all of the best options for faux olive trees, check these out!

best faux olive trees for any budget in 2024, artificial olive tree roundup, fake olive tree, pottery barn, target, wayfair, amazon
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

1. Vickerman Faux Olive Trees

Height: 72, 84, or 96 inches.

We have the 96 inch in our living room! This is the most affordable option for a very tall faux olive tree.

2. Amazon Artificial Olive Tree

Height: 82 or 92 inches.

Another budget friendly tall olive tree!

3. Pottery Barn Faux Olive Trees

Height: 72, 84, 96, or 108 inches.

Pottery Barn’s olive trees are more of an investment, but they are very full and beautiful.

4. Target Artificial Olive Tree in Ceramic Pot

Height: 76.5 inches.

Target’s faux olive tree is an affordable option that even comes with a cute planter.

5. Pottery Barn Skinny Olive Tree

Height: 85 inches.

Another option from Pottery Barn with dense leaves and a narrow silhouette.

6. Nearly Natural Silk Olive Tree

Height: 82 inches.

This is the tree in our bedroom! It is a perfect narrow tree for a smaller space, and affordable.

7. West Elm Faux Olive Trees

Height: 60 or 84 inches.

Finally, one more investment option that looks full and realistic.

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Large Planter Pots for a Faux Olive Tree

best faux olive for any budget, fake olive tree for living room corner, large planter pot for artificial olive tree

Looking for a large planter for your artificial olive tree? I rounded up several options in this post, or check out the ones below!

In conclusion, I hope you found this post helpful if you are shopping for the perfect artificial tree for your home! Let me know which one is your favorite.

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