Looking for the perfect arched cabinet? I did all the research! As much as I would love to find an antique curio cabinet for our home, it is harder to find Facebook Marketplace treasures in my area. So while doing my own search, I decided to put together a roundup of the best arched cabinets and bookcases for 2023 that you can order online. I hope you find this post helpful, and let me know which cabinet is your favorite!

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How to Choose an Arched Cabinet

A few things to consider when shopping online for furniture:

  • Price point: The arched cabinets I found cost anywhere from $160-$3700, which is a huge range! At the very bottom of this post I will sort all of the options by price, so be sure to scroll down to find the perfect piece for your budget.
  • Size: The average height for an arched cabinet seems to be 72″, but there are options as short as 60″ and as tall as 80.” Widths can also vary, so be sure to measure your space and decide what size you need!
  • Open or closed storage: Do you want solid doors, glass doors, or no doors? This will depend on whether you are using the cabinet for displaying decor, or for hiding not-so-aesthetic necessities.
  • Material: Arched cabinets are available in solid wood, MDF + wood veneer, or metal. This will obviously effect the price and durability of the furniture.

With these factors in mind, let’s move on to the roundups! I have organized all of the finds by retailer. At the bottom of this post, I will sort them by price.

Anthropologie Fern Storage Arched Cabinet

Best Arched Cabinets and Bookcases 2023, anthropologie fern storage cabinet, fern bar cabinet, curio cabinet

First up, the Fern Storage Cabinet and Fern Bar Cabinet. I love everything about these pieces: the warm wood tone, the color options, the turned wooden legs, and the gold hardware. These cabinets are on the investment end of the spectrum for me, but still my favorite option.

Honorable mention: the Fern Wall Cabinet would be so cute in a bathroom!

Urban Outfitters Mason Storage Cabinet

Best Arched Cabinets and Bookcases 2023, mason storage cabinet, curio cabinet

Next up, the Mason Storage Cabinet, which is a great middle of the road option in terms of price point. These cabinets have a similar look to the ones above, but with modern legs and wooden knobs. The Mason Cane Storage Cabinet would be perfect for toys or linens, and the narrow Curio Cabinet is a perfect budget friendly find.

Honorable mentions: the Mason line also has a Wall Shelf and Pantry Cabinet.

Affordable Target Arched Cabinets and Shelves

Best Arched Cabinets and Bookcases 2023, Target arched cabinet and shelf roundup, curio cabinet

Looking for a budget friendly arched cabinet or bookcase? Target has you covered. The Opalhouse cabinet is on the shorter side but very affordable for this type of furniture. Hearth & Hand has two grooved wood bookcase options: with doors and without doors. Finally, Studio Mcgee’s Holladay bookcase has a ladder detail on the side and comes in two colors.

McGee & Co Arched Cabinets With Doors

Best Arched Cabinets and Bookcases 2023, mcgee and co arched cabinet roundup, curio cabinet

If you are researching arched cabinets online, you have probably browsed McGee & Co. Their furniture is more of an investment, but you can’t beat the classic look and attention to detail. Check out these pretty arched cabinets, some of which come in additional colors:

  1. Badgley
  2. Darcie
  3. Brookes
  4. Providence
  5. Leonara
  6. Guthrie

World Market Wood and Rattan Arched Cabinets

world market bookshelf roundup

Here are a few more budget friendly options! World Market has two rattan shelves to choose from, Darlene and Nylah. These would pair well with boho or coastal decor, or be so cute in a kids’ room! The Amira vintage walnut display cabinet has a more traditional style, and the Avni storage cabinet is carved of mango wood with a floral design.

Arhaus Hattie Arched Cabinets

Best Arched Cabinets and Bookcases 2023, arhaus hattie cabinet, curio cabinet

Next up, the popular arched cabinets from Arhaus! The style is more traditional than modern, and could also lean rustic or farmhouse depending on your decor. There are three options to choose from, and each comes in two widths. Tap the links below to compare:

  1. Hattie Glass Cabinet
  2. Hattie Cabinet
  3. Hattie Open Bookcase

Affordable Wayfair Arched Bookcases

wayfair bookshelf roundup

Finally, here are some more affordable arched shelf options. This solid wood ladder shelf is extra tall and comes in two wood tones. This black bookcase is shorter but has more of a cabinet vibe. Here is a metal arched shelf that comes in black or gold, and this mixed material shelf has pretty details.

Arched Cabinets by Price Point

Under $500





I hope you found this post helpful as you are researching arched cabinets and bookcases! Let me know which was your favorite in the comments. Here’s my fav! XO,

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