Back in April I shared the reveal of our organic modern living room. I took my time designing this space and am so pleased with how it turned out! Now that we have lived with our furniture for several months, I wanted to share a more detailed Article Sitka Sofa review. This modern sofa (in color “quartz white”) has completely transformed our space and is one of my favorite pieces. Looking for a comfy and stylish white sofa, on a budget? I hope you find this review helpful if you are considering the Sitka for your home. Spoiler: we love it! Please leave a comment or reach out on Instagram if you have any questions.

A quick note: Article gifted the Sitka sofa to me in exchange for other content. I was not required to write a review, and I do not make commission on sales. This post contains affiliate links for some of the other decor in our home, through which I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support my blog and allows me to continue creating! For my policies, click HERE.

The Sitka Sofa in Our Home

To start out, here a few photos of our living room. If this space were larger, I would have used two white sofas–one in front of the windows, and one in front of the TV. As it is, we only had room for one, but I took photos of the Sitka in both places 🙂 Check out this post to see the final configuration with four accent chairs.

white modern sofa with removable cushion covers, down cushions, neutral living room decor
modern white sofa with cozy throw and neutral decor, beige drapes, quartz white sitka sofa

I also wanted to share the sofa’s dimensions in case you are planning your space! Here they are:

Article Sitka Sofa Dimensions

  • HEIGHT: 31″
  • WIDTH: 99″
  • DEPTH: 40″
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 16.5″
  • ARM HEIGHT: 23″

Article Sitka Sofa Review

Now I will work through the features that were the most important to me when shopping for a sofa: quality, comfort, ease of cleaning, style, and price point.

1. The Quality Is There

Our Sitka sofa arrived fully assembled and well packaged. The hardest part was moving it into place, as it is heavy! Once we had it in the living room, we carefully removed the box. And after feeling a little nervous about ordering a sofa online, my husband and I were so impressed with the quality!

Article Sitka Sofa Review | organic modern living room decor, affordable couch, modern furniture, white sofa

All four cushions are loose and reversible, which is a huge plus to me. The seat cushions are very deep and high resiliency foam. The back cushions are fiber down blend in a down proof cambric shell–no getting poked with feathers! To keep the back cushions looking like the photos, I fluff them up every few days.

A few other things I noticed right away. First, the corner-blocked wooden frame is very sturdy. Next, the back of the sofa is padded and structured, rather than feeling hollow like our previous sofa which always bothered me. Finally, the base of the sofa is nicely lined and easy to vacuum (more on cleaning later).

Article Sitka sofa fabric, removable cushion covers, white sofa

The fabric is viscose / polyester / cotton / linen blend (see tag below) and has a woven texture and beautiful color variation. We have not had any snags, but there is some pilling where the backs of your knees would be on the edge of one of the seat cushions. My understanding is that some pilling is normal. I plan to order a fabric shaver and will update you on the result!

Overall, we are impressed with the quality of the Sitka sofa in terms of materials and craftsmanship.

Sitka sofa fabric tag

2. Yes, It’s Comfortable!

As much as I wanted a beautiful sofa, I knew that I could not sacrifice comfort. Or maybe I could, but my family could not! Luckily, we did not have to compromise.

Sitka sofa top view

Since the Sitka’s back cushions are loose and filled with down blend, they are easy to adjust. If they begin to feel too compressed, you can easily fluff them back up. The foam seat cushions are also comfy and do not require fluffing (I do flip them weekly just so that they wear evenly). Finally, the two included throw pillows are perfect for back support or lounging.

In terms of comfort, the only possible negative I will mention is that the seat is on the low side at 16.5 inches high. This has not been an issue for us, but it is something to consider.

neutral living room inspo, quartz white sitka sofa, round wood coffee table

3. Easy to Clean (So Far)

Something I am VERY excited about: the Sitka sofa has removable cushion covers! Article recommends having the covers dry cleaned, which I plan to do periodically to keep them looking great.

vacuuming our Sitka sofa with my dyson v8

So far, I have vacuumed the sofa weekly with my Dyson V8 using the mattress tool. I have also successfully removed a few minor stains (paint and chocolate) with a microfiber cloth and Folex. I may try my Little Green Cleaner on an inconspicuous spot as that would be great for the arms and larger stains. As time goes on, I will update you on my experience as it is still a bit early to give a definitive review about cleaning.

Of course, a white sofa will always be a bit more work than a darker color, but I signed up for this 😉 It is worth it to me personally!

sitka sofa in quartz white from article

4. Stylish and Versatile

Let’s talk about home decor styles. Lately I have been loving organic modern design, which features clean lines and earthy tones and textures. The Sitka definitely fits the aesthetic! But I can also see this sofa looking right at home in a coastal, traditional, or farmhouse space. It functions as a blank canvas, and I’m excited to style it through the seasons with different pillows and throws.

white sofa with large olive tree and vintage look rug

5. Affordable Price Point

Finally, the Sitka is a budget-friendly option when compared to similar pieces. For example, I love the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa but it was way out of my price range. Here are some other white sofas I looked at for comparison:

Article Sitka Sofa Review: Conclusion

Originally when ordering this piece, I was planning on it being a very nice but temporary solution until we could save up for my “dream sofa.” But honestly, the Sitka turned out to be everything I wanted! The value is just so good. You could certainly find a cheaper option, but I think Article has really maxed out the quality, comfort, and style for a relatively budget-friendly price point.

Organic Modern Living Room Progress | Loloi Wynter rug, beige pinch pleat drapes, wood frame accent chair, quartz white sitka sofa, linen slipcovered chairs

sitka sofa | slipcovered accent chairs | wood frame accent chairs | 96″ artificial olive tree | loloi wynter rug | grey beige drapes (review here)| woven wood roman shades | round coffee table | faux roses | handled planter | brass canister | floral pillows | plaid throw | lidded baskets (similar)

That is all I have to share for now, but I plan to update this Article Sitka Sofa review with more details as time goes by! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you have a bright day friends. Xo,

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