Today I am sharing a quick and affordable way to transition your home to fall: digital artwork from Etsy! Best of all? All of this fall Frame TV art will actually work on any smart TV. We recently added the Samsung Frame to our living room (see my review), but you don’t need to invest in one to accomplish this look. Learn how to display art on your smart TV! Or if you already have The Frame: follow this tutorial, or use the Samsung SmartThings app. Create a cozy autumn aesthetic or spooky vibe in your home with one of these digital prints! I would love to hear which one is your favorite.

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Fall Frame TV Art Finds

I rounded up so many art finds from Etsy that I decided to divide them into two collections: autumn and Halloween. All of these digital prints are under $7, and many are under $2! If there is anything I love more than fall decor, it is affordable fall decor. Here they are:

Neutral Aesthetic Autumn

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My top picks:

  1. Green abstract art
  2. Vintage fruit painting
  3. Library books
  4. Vintage birds
  5. Autumn oil painting
  6. Woman reading
  7. Tan abstract art
  8. Fall leaves etching

Even more fall Frame TV art:

Spooky Season and Vintage Halloween

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My top picks:

  1. Haunted house with bats
  2. Spooky candles
  3. Black abstract art
  4. Misty pumpkin patch
  5. Ghost in field
  6. Dancing skeletons
  7. Crows in trees
  8. Minimalist bats

More TV art for Halloween and spooky season:

Fall Frame TV Art In Our Living Room

Here is some fall and halloween artwork that I uploaded to our Samsung Frame TV. Scroll left or right to see them all!

  1. Vintage autumn forest
  2. Library books
  3. Green pattern
  4. Misty pumpkin patch
  5. Dancing skeletons
  6. Haunted house with bats
  7. Minimalist black bird
  8. Black abstract art

And here is a view from my Instagram stories! Ladybug loves this black cat artwork.

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Do you have a Frame TV, or have you tried displaying art on your smart TV? I hope you found this post helpful as you cozy up your home for fall and spooky season! XO,

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