August is here, which means I can officially talk about my favorite season without receiving (too many) dirty looks! There are things that I cherish about each season, but to me, fall will always be the most magical. When August arrives, you know I’ll be ready with the fall decor finds! Today I have a huge roundup of the best fall florals and stems for your home decor, and I’ll begin by showing you my favorites styled around our home. If you are on the hunt for autumn leaf branches, dried florals, or fall faux flowers, pull up a chair and grab your favorite cozy drink. It may be 90 degrees outside but we can bring the autumn cheer!

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Fall Florals and Stems Around Our Home

Here is some styling inspiration with my favorite fall florals and stems! I will also link similar items below each section so you can browse different colors and styles for your home.

Autumn Leaf Branches for a Statement

fall florals and stems for home decor, artificial purple leaf branches, faux fall flowers, cozy cottage kitchen, plum fake cimicifuga ramosa leaves

If you perused fall home decor content last year, you probably saw these purple leaf branches. They took Instagram by storm, and they really are that good! I styled five stems in a textured vase on our kitchen cart. They would also be beautiful on a dining table or console table. Here are some more statement branches for your fall decor:


Faux or Dried Pampas Grass

fall florals and stems for home decor, artificial pampas grass stems in black jar stone vase, cozy fall tablescape

This autumn tablescape from last year featured faux pampas stems (similar). Alternatively, you can use dried natural pampas grass for your home decor! Either way, the texture is so good and I love the warm, neutral tones.


Fall Faux Florals

Caitlin Marie Design profile picture, faux florals in a gold compote, artificial fall flowers

A few months ago I styled these artificial florals in a compote. Of course I gravitated towards autumn colors! These terracotta roses are so realistic and perfect for the fall, and the foliage stems are some of my favorites as well.


fall florals and stems, cream strawflower bush, leaning wood cutting board in kitchen

These cream strawflower bushes (this is three) have been my go to faux flowers since last autumn. I love the dainty petals and slightly pink centers which add a touch of whimsy. Here are some more of my favorite fall faux florals:


Fall Dried Florals

placing a large footed planter filled with dried florals on the media console, mauve dried gypsophila

Dried florals have grown in popularity over the last few years, and they seem especially suited to fall. My mauve dried gypsophila bundle (similar) has made its way around our home and is currently styled on our media console in a planter. Here are some more finds!


muted green wall paint, arched rattan mirror, vintage landscape art, faux leather tissue box cover, dried florals, modern bathroom faucet, cream osmanthus bush

Finally, these cream osmanthus bushes (I used three) were perfect for our green powder room last fall. I can’t wait to bring them back out! The stems are artificial, but the cones are dried which adds great texture. More fall dried florals here:


100 Fall Florals and Stems Roundup

Now that I have given you a walkthrough of fall florals and stems around our home, here is a roundup of one hundred finds for the season from a variety of shops!

I have my eye on some more statement branches, but I’m also such a big fan of dried florals! Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and happy unofficial start to fall! Check out my guide to cozy and neutral fall decor for more ideas. XO,

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