Welcome friends! So, another living room design plan? Hear me out. Last January I shared a moodboard that included an updated rug, ottomans, and decor. I had so much fun working on the space slowly throughout 2021 and shared a living room reveal last fall! The space came a long way, but one of my goals for 2022 was to replace our furniture. We have had our sectional for close to ten years and while it looks okay in photos, it has seen better days. I have spent a lot of time mulling over this space and planning where to save and splurge for our living room furniture refresh. Ultimately I decided to go with a sofa and four accent chairs, and I’m so excited about the design! Let me show you.

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Living Room Furniture Refresh: My Design Plan

Modern Organic Living Room Design Plan | mood board, beige curtains, Loloi rug, wood accent chairs, white sofa, white slipcovered chairs, faux leather ottomans, large ceramic lamp, olive tree, modern chandelier

Here is my updated mood board for this space! I’m really pleased with the look and the price point of all of these pieces.

  1. Sitka Sofa from Article: I have worked with Article in the past and am excited to be partnering with them again on this space! I’ll be adding the Sitka Sofa in Quartz White, which I have been eyeing for YEARS and cannot wait to see in our home. (This post is not sponsored, but wanted to disclose that they are gifting me the sofa.) I will share many more details once it arrives, but one of the features I am most excited about is that the cushions are slipcovered for easy cleaning. And of course, it is so pretty!
  2. Wood Frame Accent Chairs: Again, I have had my eye on these wooden accents chairs since they were released! This past weekend I sold our existing chairs, which were comfortable and pretty but a bit mid-century for our home. (I also met a new local friend the process which was a bonus!) The new chairs are on the way and should arrive this week.
  3. French Seam Linen Chairs: Target, please bring these back! These beauties are currently unavailable but I am hoping for a restock, because they are the perfect designer dupe for this style! Since our living room isn’t large enough for two sofas, I decided to do cozy lounge chairs against the window wall. Here is a similar option that is in stock.
  4. Square Accent Table: This is one piece that I am not 100% sure about because I am considering painting our existing round coffee table black. In that case, I would choose another style for the side table. Our current accent table (to the left of the sectional) is white, and with all of the white furniture I would like to swap it out.
  5. Large Ceramic Table Lamp: This Studio McGee lamp is a popular find right now, with good reason! Oversized lamps are typically 2-3 times as much, and while this one is a higher price point than most Target lamps, it is a large size and designer look. I have not been able to snag one yet, but I think it would be so pretty in this corner.
  6. Modern White Chandelier: I included this light fixture on my previous living room design plan. It was not a priority for me at the time, but I still love it a year later and will probably end up purchasing it.

Living Room Currently

Here is a comparison of the current space vs the living room furniture refresh plan:

Loloi Wynter grey charcoal area rug, twopages amazon pinch pleat drapes, cozy aesthetic, fall home decor, neutral minimal styling

Side note–I know that not everyone would choose white furniture, and I completely understand that. Personally I love the look and do not mind the extra upkeep! But there are definitely other options, so if you would like to see a roundup of other furniture options, let me know in the comments. I hope you found our living room refresh plan inspiring! Let me know what space you are working on in the comments. XO,

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    1. Hello! Our sectional was about eight years old and I was never able to find it online, but it was called the Tribeca by Broyhill.

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