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Affordable Area Rugs for Every Room and Style

A rug grounds your design and adds warmth and texture to your home. Sharing my favorite affordable area rugs and sizing tips!

Affordable Area Rugs for Every Room and Style | Beige Ivied Medallion Area Rug, bedroom styling

Welcome friends! For today’s decor roundup I’m sharing my favorite affordable area rugs. While they can be an investment, rugs are so important in design! They help define rooms in an open concept home, create cozy living spaces, and set the tone for your decor. Thankfully, there are many budget friendly options out there so you don’t have to break the bank to add a rug to your space. I’ll be sharing a few rug sizing tips, examples in our home, and then a huge roundup of more than eighty (!!!) affordable rugs. Let’s get started!

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Area Rug Size Tips

The first step to selecting a rug for your space is choosing a size. The most common mistake? Selecting a rug that is too small! As with most aspects of design, scale is so important. Resist the temptation to size down–the extra square footage is worth the additional cost! And with so many affordable rugs out there, it is possible to find a budget friendly option to fit your needs.

For reference, here are the rug sizes I have used in our home:

Choosing a rug size for a bedroom is pretty simple. As a general rule, I would use an 8×10 under a full or queen bed, and a 9×12 under a king bed. You should leave at least twelve inches of space between the wall and the edge of the rug, so you may need to size down depending on your room.

Living rooms and dining rooms are a bit trickier, but here are some tips. For a living room, you can either place the furniture entirely on top of the rug, OR place only the front legs of the furniture on the rug (I have done the latter, as you can see above). It is necessary to AT LEAST have the front legs of the furniture on the rug–otherwise the rug is much too small and will not define the space.

For a dining room, be sure that all of the legs of the chairs remain on the rug even when they are pulled out from the table. This will create a functional space that feels grounded.

Affordable Area Rugs Roundup

Here are some of my favorite rug brands and styles! Many are vintage look rugs which add warmth and subtle color. Others are patterned or woven. Keep in mind that natural fiber rugs such as jute or wool may shed a little, so be sure to read the description and consider your needs.

Rugs USA Rugs

Our primary bedroom rug is from Rugs USA, and they have so many pretty options!

Affordable Area Rugs Roundup - Rugs USA finds

Overstock Rugs

Overstock often carries Loloi rugs at a great price point. I purchased the popular Loloi Layla in Olive/Charcoal for our guest room, as well as a Hathaway Blush/Multi for Ladybug’s room.

Affordable Area Rugs Roundup - Overstock Rug Finds collage

Target Rugs

Lately Target has been putting out lots of beautiful rugs! I especially like this plaid wool/cotton option.

Affordable Rug Roundup - Target rugs collage

Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Rugs

Chris Love Julia‘s collaboration with Loloi includes so many vintage style beauties!

Chris Loves Julia x Loloi rug roundup collage

Ruggable Washable Rugs

Finally, it wouldn’t be a rug roundup without mentioning Ruggable! Our living room rug is from their collection and has cleaned up so well when it comes to spills, crayon, etc. I have not had to launder mine yet, but they are machine washable! I am currently eyeing a runner for our kitchen.

Ruggable Washable Rugs roundup collage

Shop All Affordable Area Rugs Below

Here are ALL of the rugs for comparison!

I hope you found this roundup informative and helpful as you hunt for the perfect rug for your space! Tell me, which is your favorite? Do you prefer vintage look, neutral, or a pattern? XO,

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