Designer look, but on a budget! Today I am sharing all of the details about our pinch pleat curtains. Custom drapes are expensive and were not in my budget, so I searched high and low and finally purchased these faux linen Amazon pinch pleat drapes in the color “grey beige.” They add warmth to our living room while maintaining the light and airy look that I love. Today I’ll be sharing my design inspiration, installation tips, thoughts after two months with the drapes, and a pro/con list to help you decide if they are a good fit for your home. Let’s get started!

Side note: If you are wondering about the difference between drapes and curtains, I did a little research! While there does not seem to be a clear cut distinction, curtains tend to be less formal and can be sheer or shorter lengths, whereas drapes are more formal, made from heavier fabrics, and reach to the floor or puddle. Who knew! I will use both terms interchangeably in this review.

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A Look Back at the Before…

A while ago I shared cozy modern living room design plan. So far I have checked four items off of my to-do list: replace the olive tree, add a blanket ladder, update pillows/decor, and finally, swap out the white curtains! You can see some of the changes by comparing the photos below:

For other angles, check out my posts about TV wall decor and styling an awkward space. I have to say, the biggest change by FAR has been the new pinch pleats curtains!

Pinch Pleat Inspiration

Before sharing the drapes I chose, I thought it would be helpful to show a few inspiration photos from my favorite interior designers:

Is there any other decor item that says “elevated” like custom pinch pleat drapes? While I love the look, I do not love the price tag! Thankfully, you can achieve this look on a budget. Last year, I recreated this look using white IKEA curtains and hooks which was very inexpensive. They are a good option, but I have been wanting to replace them with a darker color to add depth and contrast to our living room. I will also say, my white curtains were a bit of work as I had to create the pleats myself. So I was excited to try more curtains that come pleated and ready to go.

Best Affordable Pinch Pleat Drapes (Amazon Curtains)

Best Affordable Pinch Pleat Drapes (Amazon Curtains Review) | pinch pleat curtains, organic modern living room, twopages pinch pleat drapes

If you have never scoured the internet for the perfect tan / warm gray / beige curtains… let me tell you, it was a task! I found a few options that I loved, but they were out of my price range. I finally discovered these grey beige TWOPAGES pinch pleat drapes, sold on Amazon. They were more than my previous IKEA curtains, but a bargain compared to custom drapery. I saved up, placed my order, and waited several weeks for delivery.

affordable pinch pleat drapes from Amazon, Amazon pinch pleat curtains, twopages pinch pleat drapes review, cozy living room decor, organic modern living room styling

I was a little unsure about the color when they first arrived because I was expecting them to be more gray. There is always some risk when ordering online, and I would highly recommend ordering the fabric sample book. According to the Amazon reviews, TWOPAGES has great customer service, but it would have been a bit of work to repack and ship them. Thankfully, after living with them for a few days I decided I loved them.

organic modern living room with gray beige pinch pleat curtains from Amazon, twopages pinch pleat drapes, cream sofa, artificial olive tree

These affordable pinch pleat drapes come in many widths and lengths. I chose the 52 W x 96 L inch size in the color grey beige, and for reference our ceilings are 9 feet.

You also have the option of choosing unlined curtains (which is what I purchased) or blackout curtains. You can see that light does filter through the unlined drapes. This is fine for me since these four panels are purely decorative, and the two panels near our breakfast nook diffuse the afternoon sun that shines through our back door. However, if you need true room darkening drapes, you would want to select the blackout version.

small console table with gray lamp, gray beige curtains

I still cannot get over what a difference the pinch pleat curtains have made in our living room. I love an airy, coastal look, but this space also needed some contrast. Since I painted our walls white (Polar Bear by Behr) a few years ago, the white curtains seemed to blend in and disappear. Now the space still feels light, but with the perfect amount of warmth. I still plan to switch out the rug for something just a bit darker that I think will bring it all together nicely!

Pinch Pleat Curtains / Drapes Installation Tips

small wood console table with grey beige TWOPAGES drapes from Amazon

As for installation, it was a breeze since I already had my curtain rods and rings set up. For this type of drapery, you need both curtain rings/hooks (that slide over the rod) AND drapery hooks (that attach to the drapes). Plastic drapery hooks are included.

Hanging the Rod

Be sure to measure before hanging your rod so that the curtains will just kiss the floor. Thankfully, adjustable “ratchet system” hooks are included with the drapes, which are great for fine-tuning the height. You should always hang your rod as high as possible (this will determine which drapery length you should order) and wider than the window so that the drapes do not obstruct the window when opened. You can see in the photo above, that the rod over my sliding glass door is much higher than the door, to match the rod above the windows. If you follow this method, your room will appear taller, and your windows will appear larger!

Personally I love IKEA’s HUGAD rod because it is on the thicker side and very sturdy. I also used SYRLIG rings and hooks, RAFFIG finials, and BETYDLIG wall brackets. It is important to hit a stud when installing the brackets, or to properly anchor them. In my experience, regular drywall anchors don’t hold curtain rods well. Where I could not hit studs, I used these toggle bolts combined with a few spare washers I had.

If you don’t have access to IKEA, this curtain rod and these curtain rings from Amazon are very similar.

Remember to slide your curtain rings onto the rod before hanging! You will need 9 rings per panel.

Hanging the Drapes

It is best to adjust the drapery hooks before hanging. You will need to slide the hooks onto the back of the pleats yourself, but it is simple (MUCH easier than my previous setup). The included hooks use an adjustable “ratchet system.” There are about 12 notches on the hook/pin combination. I ended up having my hooks set about halfway down. TIP: If you accidentally adjust the hook too far down, simply slide hook all the way off of the bottom of the pin and then start it again at the top. It is easier to adjust the hooks before hanging the curtains, but you can always do it afterwards if necessary.

Once you have the drapery hooks attached to the curtains, stand on a stable ladder and connect the plastic drapery hook to the metal hook on the curtain ring. I shared a reel of the installation process on Instagram if you would like to see!

TWOPAGES Pinch Pleat Drapes Pros and Cons

view of tv with vintage ship painting displayed, artificial olive tree, three windows with gray beige curtains

In case you have been eyeing the TWOPAGES pinch pleat drapes from Amazon, I thought I would share a few pros/cons that may help you decide if they are a good fit for your space.

TWOPAGES Pinch Pleat Drapes Pros

  1. Look for less! A bargain compared to custom drapery.
  2. Fabric weight and quality. Made from 350GSM “faux linen” with beautiful texture.
  3. Easy installation. These were much easier to hang than my previous pinch pleats!
  4. Variety of colors. Available in so many pretty neutrals.
  5. Machine washable. Enough said!
  6. Customer service. I did not personally interact with TWOPAGES, but according to the Amazon reviews their service is very good.

TWOPAGES Pinch Pleat Drapes Cons

  1. Price. A great “middle of the road” option, but more expensive than Target or IKEA.
  2. Ship time. My drapes arrived ahead of schedule and I didn’t have any issues, but you should expect to wait at least a few weeks.
  3. Require steaming or ironing. All drapery benefits from steaming. Because the fabric is on the thicker side, it took several passes to get all of the wrinkles out.
  4. Hard to choose a color online. Consider ordering the sample book so you know exactly what to expect.
Best Affordable Pinch Pleat Drapes (Amazon Curtains Review) | pinch pleat curtains, TWOPAGES pinch pleat drapes, Amazon drapes

I hope you found this post helpful, it is certainly a lot longer than I originally planned! If you have any additional questions about our Amazon pinch pleat drapes, leave me a comment below. And tell me, what decor item has made a big difference in your space? XO,

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  1. Love it! Can you share where you purchased the blush and terracotta pillow with the stripes down the middle? Placed in the corner of the sectional?

  2. Your home is stunning! I also love your bamboo shades as well. Could you please tell me which color you purchased? Thank you!

  3. Hi there! Can I ask, how wide are your windows. I read where you purchased the 52inch width drapes so I’m trying to compare to my windows. Would love to know the width of yours to do that comparison and know which size would be best for me and our windows. Thanks so much! Looks great!!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! So sorry for the delay. The windows in our living room are 34 inches wide and 70 inches high. If you have larger windows I would choose wider drapes to help balance the width of the window. Hope that helps!

    2. Love it! How did you measure out and figure out the width needed for your curtains to also account for the fullness of the curtains?
      I have windows similar to yours where there is not much wall between each window, mainly window casing. I want the curtains to be able to cover the windows as well, but I don’t know how to measure it.

      1. Thanks so much Laura! We have the 52 inch width curtains and for reference, our windows are 34 inches wide. If you have wider windows I would choose wider drapes to help balance the width of the window. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi there! I would love your advise on my window situation. I have 5 windows in my living room that look out to our front porch. 3 on main wall and one on each side wall. The windows are only two feet apart from one another. I would love to hang curtains from higher than the window trim but don’t know if I should use one continuous rod or individual rods. Or, maybe no curtains at all. It might be too much. What do you think? I know it’s hard without a pic.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello! You could easily recreate this look with that layout, just be sure to use a sturdy rod and install it securely into studs! With the extra space between windows you would want to purchase wider curtains than mine so that there are more pleats. I do not think that you could do individual rods so close together, especially as I like to hang my curtain rods at least 10 inches outside the window. Hope that helps!

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