Some spaces come together quickly, and others are years in the making. If you’ve followed along for a while, you know that our bedroom has been a slow process. In fact, you can see the many iterations of this space if you explore older posts like this one and (major throwback) this one. All of that to say, I recently made a few more changes and wanted to share an update! Hope you find it inspiring, whether for spring bedroom ideas or simply for enjoying the process of design. Linking everything I can, or similar! Keep reading for affordable decor, springy touches, and a new rug in our casual coastal bedroom!

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Beige Ivied Medallion Rug

modern coastal bedroom, landscape painting, layered bedding, making the bed
Beige Ivied Medallion Area Rug, bedroom styling

The major change in this space is the new rug! I’ve been wanting to update the rug in this room for a while, and had the opportunity to work with Rugs USA to create a reel. (The rug was gifted to me, but I was not required to blog about it.) I opted for a 9×12 to really fill out the space under our king bed, and it made such a difference. I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the most important things I’ve learned about design is the importance of scale, and generally, go big! The gray-blue and peachy beige fit this room so well and really warm it up.

Spring Bedding

layered bedding, coastal farmhouse style
close up layered bedding, coastal farmhouse style

Not a lot of changes with our bedding! I am still loving my pillow combination but did finally purchase some king pillows for the back to fill it out. If you have a king bed, do you sleep with king or standard pillows? I’m still using my old pillow, I’ll admit! For the end of the bed, I added a cozy quilt that used to be in our guest room (similar).

Spring Bedroom Nightstand Decor

nightstand styling, charcoal headboard
coastal farmhouse bedroom

Finally, for my nightstand I stacked a few coffee table books and used my faceted bone beads and a faux maidenhair fern (similar). Springy and simple! Not a big change, but I’m loving the little refresh in here.

bedroom design, coastal modern, California casual

I hope you are well today, friends. Between rainy and chilly days, we’ve had a good bit of sun and cannot wait for spring, how about you? Sending you sunshine today!

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