Weathered Wood TV Stands

Hello friends! I’m sharing something a little bit different today, the first entry in an ongoing “Finds” series. If you enjoy researching products and shopping around for the best deal, this series is for you! First up: weathered wood TV stands.

We are on a slow-paced hunt for a larger, classier TV stand/media console for our living room. As I mentioned in my Subtle Fall Decor Tips, I’m working on incorporating warmer tones into our space, and I think weathered wood might be the ticket. Here is a small roundup of weathered wood TV stands, all from Wayfair (not sponsored, they just have a nice selection!).

Weathered Wood TV Stands at LionAndLantern.com, farmhouse tv stand, farmhouse media console, farmhouse furniture, modern farmhouse

1. Saint-Andre 60-70″ TV Stand | 2. Pinellas 71″ TV stand | 3. Regatta 72″ TV stand | 4. Rhoades 70″ TV stand

Right now I am leaning towards #2, I love the hardware and how everything stored inside is hidden away! It also has the best price tag 😉 Which one do you like best?

And now, a little story to go along with this post.

A few weeks ago the hubby and I had a chance to go on a date sans toddler, a rare and exciting occasion for us in this season of life. We live in a smaller city, and entertainment options are a bit limited (not complaining—I love the feel of our small town!). One thing led to another and we ended up having a little Walmart adventure for part of our date. I was pleased because I got to peruse the fall decor, and hubby was happy because he got to window shop for a television. Of course, this led to us having the classic “argument” in Walmart: what size TV to buy!

As strange as it sounds, I have to admit that I treasured up the moment. I love my job as the wife and mama in my little family, and while there are certainly times that I feel overwhelmed by my myriad tasks, and times that I just want everyone out of my hair!, there is nothing that makes my spirit happier than being a homemaker. God has given me what I have always asked for, a kind husband, a healthy child, and a home to hold our friends and family. We don’t live extravagantly, but we are able to save up and buy some nice things that we enjoy. Somehow, that ordinary, cliché disagreement about television size gave way to an unexpected moment of thanksgiving.

…And also got me thinking about a new TV stand 😉 Thanks for stopping by today friends. I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips about hiding your media equipment in your living room!


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