Hello again friends! Thank you so much for dropping by; I hope this post finds you well. Today I thought I would share our dining room with you. It is still very much a work in progress! Since fall is drawing near, however, I thought I should share this space decked out for summer before I start incorporating cozy, autumnal touches. Hydrangeas, coral, wooden beads, and botanical prints make this space feel airy and fresh for summertime! So, here is our coastal farmhouse dining room decor!

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room decor
Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room, Botany prints, botanical prints, hydrangeas, coral, wood bead garland.

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As you can probably tell, one of my main inspirations for this summery space is the beach! Beach memories hold a special place in my heart since my parents, sister and I traveled to the Outer Banks, North Carolina for a week every summer starting in my tween years. I don’t think any other type of vacation is quite as restful and sweet as a beach trip! (That is, unless you are the adventurous type that loves parasailing and hiking. Not us; we read books, did crossword puzzles, and generally embraced the term “beach bum.”)

Botany prints, botanical prints, hydrangeas, coral, wood bead garland.

This natural woven tray anchors the coastal theme of the room. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and these cream ones add a subtle, feminine touch. I found the vase, chicken wire bottles, coral, tray, and flowers all at Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course!). I’ve loved the look of wood bead garlands for a while, and finally realized I could make my own! Check out my DIY wood bead garland tutorial here.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room, Botany prints, botanical prints, drum pendant, drum shade, farmhouse chandelier.

These gorgeous botany prints are public domain images that Lauren at Bless’er House discovered! She has a wonderful tutorial up on her blog where she explains how to print, frame, and hang them in your home. I used the same frames she lists, except that I ordered them in gray instead of honey.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room,  Botany prints, botanical prints, hydrangeas, coral, wood bead garland, drum pendant, scroll art.

In terms of layout, our dining room is directly on the left when you walk through the front door. It also doubles as a playroom for Bug, so the cube organizer against the wall helps coral toys and books (and please note, I removed a LOT of toys from this room to shoot photos!). We enjoy having a separate dining room apart from our breakfast nook, even if it seems a little impractical with all of the toys. There is something special about adjourning to a separate room to have a meal; it allows you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of the kitchen and focus a bit more on good food and friends.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room,  calligraphy scroll, scroll art, quote scroll, scroll decor.

Our dining room sat empty for many months after we moved in this January, and I didn’t want to spend a lot on decor right away. I made this quote scroll myself using a Kraft paper roll, twine, and a Sharpie. I’m planning to do a tutorial on it soon, so stayed tuned if you are interested in creating your own quote art for fall or the holidays!

Calligraphy scroll, scroll art, quote scroll, scroll decor.

This straw hat has a special meaning to me because it was crafted in Colonial Williamsburg, a place my family enjoyed visiting when I was growing up. My sister and I bought matching straw hats, and I’m so glad we saved them. Now we both have them on display in our homes as a reminder of those special trips.

Calligraphy scroll, scroll art, quote scroll, scroll decor.

Since we usually stopped in Williamsburg on our way to the beach, my memories of it are interwoven with those of salty breeze. So, my handmade straw hat seems like a perfect fit for our coastal dining room! I finished off this vignette with a few olive branches and another DIY book bundle.

Coastal farmhouse home decor inspiration for your dining room. Inexpensive ways to create a pretty, neutral, high end look for summer!

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And that is our coastal farmhouse dining room. Thank you so much for stopping by and walking down a sandy memory lane with me today. What were some of your favorite summer vacations? Do you have something special in your home that reminds you of a trip? I hope you all have a wonderful day,



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